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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Remembering Carrie On Her 32nd Birthday 1-31-06

Today would be Carrie Culberson’s 32nd birthday. Carrie is not celebrating that birthday because she died on August 28, 1996. Although birthdays are no longer celebrated, they are never forgotten.
Nobody ever forgets how old she would be, and where Carrie could be in her life now if it was not taken away that fateful night. Would Carrie be married by now, would she be a mom, or would she still be doing nails? These are things we will never know and we know why.
We always recognize Carrie on her birthday because she’s the meaning behind all the things that my group does now to help victims. I feel like Carrie would want us to remember her with happiness and not with sorrow. Sometimes that is hard to do.

I never knew Carrie personally, but her case was the one that changed my life and my focus all together. We have all trusted somebody and probably all fallen for the wrong person a time or two. Most of us were fortunate to get away from a life threatening situation. Carrie was a young woman with a life full of promises. She put her trust in somebody who ended up taking her life away. They’ve taken away so many things that should’ve been celebrated with Carrie’s family, such as her birthday today.
What’s done is done, but by keeping Carrie’s memory alive, she lives on in our hearts and minds, free from pain and suffering.

How it must feel to look back on a split decision but have no remorse? How does it feel to carry that around deep inside forever? Do you ask for God to forgive in the private side of your mind? Have you created your own private hell?

It has become my burden to show as many young women Carrie Culberson and what happened to her because of domestic violence. I along with many others want Carrie’s body to be found so this chapter can conclude. Nobody should have to lie down at night thinking of some cold dark place where their loved one is. They should be able to go to their loved ones grave to grieve but Carrie’s family cannot.

I know that someday when God is ready, he will reveal Carrie’s location, just as he did with Patrice. I also know that for those who tried, convicted, and executed Carrie that August night will be held accountable for the things they’ve done. All we’ve ever wanted was to find Carrie and bring her home. That is something that we will never stop doing. What happened to her was cruel and wrong. A miracle will replace this tragedy.

This entry is dedicated to Carrie Culberson on her birthday. May God bless her and hold her in his loving arms where she will hurt no more. Someday the earthly body she shed on August 28, 1996 will be found and brought back home.

Visit Carrie's Main Website @

Monday, January 30, 2006

Special Mom - Special Purpose

Today I wanted to write about a special mom because not only is she special, it’s her birthday today. That person is Debbie Culberson. She is Carrie Culberson’s mother and so much to so many others as well.

Many people remember Debbie as the voice for justice when Carrie vanished nearly 10 years ago. She refused to allow the community to forget or allow Carrie not to have justice. This is something she has never stopped doing, even after those responsible for Carrie’s disappearance and murder were put away.

In the years after Carrie vanished, Debbie has began a new crusade that can not only help find her daughter, but to help many others. She was doing this through what is called a DNA Initiative. If you are unfamiliar with the DNA Initiative, it’s very simple to understand. The mandate would make all human remains found to have to be put into a national database where they could be possibly matched. This would help families of those missing be able to put a name with remains that could be sitting on a shelf in a coroner’s office. It would also help bring that loved one home and have them put to rest in a proper burial.

Every day, there are so many human remains are found, but nobody knows who they belong to. Somewhere out there, there is a family who still holds out hope but has no idea where their loved one is. This is something that difficult to think about, but it is happening.

Debbie Culberson has assisted other families of those missing in the last year. Those included but not limited to, the mother of Jessica Lunsford who resides in Ohio. She has also worked closely with the family of eight year old Erica Baker who has been missing since 1999 from Dayton, Ohio. Debbie knows first hand what it’s like to have a missing loved one.
She also knows first hand about finding justice without a body. Carrie’s case has captivated the hearts of so many (including mine). It has also given so many families hope that they can bring justice although the hopes of finding their loved one are slim.

If you could find an example of turning a tragedy into something positive, I believe it would be Debbie Culberson. There is one thing that I know for sure about her. She will not give up finding Carrie, no matter how long it takes. Her determination and positive outlook on this situation has given so many people hope. I think what she’s done in Carrie’s name is wonderful.

I wanted our community to know what a great person Debbie Culberson is. Hoping she has the best birthday today and that she can have the one wish that I know she has, and that’s to find Carrie.

Today's blog entry is dedicated to Debbie Culberson and her daughter Carrie.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

What Happened To Jeffrey?

Jeffrey Ben vanished after a one car accident on Jan. 29, 2001 in Antlers, Oklahoma. The accident was so small that it was not one that caused any concern in the beginning. Everyone assumed that Jeffrey was nearby but he wasn't.
Jeffrey was from a very small town and it was apparent that their police department was not equipped to handle a missing person case, when it happened. It is believed that Jeffrey vanished after he accidently died out with some nearby aquaintances that fateful night. It is also believed that those people have covered up an accident and tampering with evidence.
Since Jeffrey's disappearance, his mother has searched for him and she has sought answers for what might have gone wrong that night. It is now five years later and Jeffrey has not come home. Someone knows where he is and they are not offering any details as to his location. That is what makes this case so difficult and baffling.
I met Jeffrey's mom, Linda Miller approximately a year and a half ago through another mom of a missing child, Sarah Teague. Sarah and Linda have been very close because they share the burden of a missing child. Linda came to the Cue Center for Missing Round Table Conference last year and we finally met in person. Linda wants to find Jeffrey and bring him back home. She states that her life has changed dramatically since he vanished. She's looked in places that a mom should never be looking for a child, but she refuses to give up. (Linda is pictured third from left on the back row)
Each year Linda has a vigil for Jeffrey in Antlers, Oklahoma. She says that she wants the community to know that she is not giving up on finding out what happened to Jeffrey.
Jeffrey has a smile that you always remember. He looks like a wonderful person to have as a friend. Jeffrey had so many things to look forward to. Something has happened to him. He would not leave without telling anyone where he is. It is my hope that Linda can find her son and that answers can finally be found.
Today my thoughts are with Linda Miller and her family. I know that Jeffrey is loved by so many people. Praying that Jeffrey will be found soon. There is no love like a mother's love. I believe that love will bring him home.

Please visit:

Jeffrey Ben is Missing

Friday, January 27, 2006

Still Looking For Kyle - 30 Yrs. Later

On Jan. 27, 1976 Kyle Clinkscales vanished from the face of the earth after he completed his shift as a bartender in Lagrange, Georgia. His disappearance was very out of character for him and his parents feared the worst from early on.

It is now 30 years later and Kyle remains missing. Nothing would happen with Kyle’s case until late 2005 when an arrest would finally shed some light on the then 29 year mystery.

Police believe that the actual person responsible for Kyle Clinkscales’ disappearance was a man, who is now deceased, by the name of Ray Hyde. Ray Hyde owned a 50-acre salvage yard, and investigators speculate he buried Clinkscales' Pinto there after he murdered him that night Kyle vanished.
Six months after Kyle vanished in 1976, the now believed killer, Ray Hyde was arrested for an unrelated charge of theft. Hyde was a man who trouble always seemed to find him.

Although the actual killer is now dead, there were others involved who knew more about this mystery, and they were going to finally be held accountable for their role.

The person now in custody was part of the disposal of Kyle Clinkscales and authorities believe he has more information on what happened and where Kyle’s body is now located.

A mysterious phone call came into the Clinkscales household in 2005 in which the caller stated they were only seven years old at the time, but they saw their grandfather put the body of Kyle into a barrel and sink it into the bottom of the lake. The caller has had to live with knowing this information and living in fear for 29 years at the time of the event. Something that many of us cannot begin to fathom witnessing as a child.

After the mysterious call, the pond was later drained but Kyle was not there. It did appear that something had been resting their possibly for years, but was later removed. Where could Kyle now be located? Will we ever know?
Kyle’s family is now elderly but have never given up on finding the answers for what happened to Kyle that fateful night. Kyle’s father states that not a day has gone by that he has not gone over that day several times wondering what went wrong.

Authorities have many questions about why these men would want to murder Kyle. Some speculate that Kyle was a bartender who may have heard too much that night. Others think he may have witnessed some type of illegal activity. All the leads throughout the case have always gone back to the same individuals.

Although it has been 30 years today since Kyle vanished, his family remembers that night like it was yesterday. They have been left with 30 years of not knowing. While some of these cases seem on the surface to be ones that’ll never be solved, that is not true.

We never know when God will finally reveal what we are supposed to know about our loved ones and what happened to them. It’s hard to question his timing and reasons. I believe that Kyle will be brought home soon and all the answers his family has been left to ponder in the last 30 years will all be answered.

I will always remember what Kyle’s father said. “I will take this to my grave wondering what happened to my son. I’ll never get over this”. May God bless them as they continue to wait for Kyle to be brought home.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Suspect in Kristin Smart Disappearance in Trouble Again

Ten years ago this coming May 2006, Kristin Smart attended an off campus party where she’d never return home again. Kristin was last seen with a young man named Paul Flores. Flores has not cooperated in any shape or form since the disappearance of Kristin. He has been the only suspect from the very beginning. In the days shortly after Kristin’s disappearance, a cadaver sniffing dog alerted inside the apartment of Paul Flores. Not long after this indication, Paul’s family retained legal counsel and he was allowed to move from the campus with no further questions asked.

Kristin’s disappearance was one that not taken lightly by many in the community in San Luis Obispo, California. Her name has appeared in various broadcasts about others who have become missing in that area. All wondering if there was a connection, but later ruled out because Paul Flores was the only one, and the fact the others would later have a known suspect. A suspect that later was brought to justice, unlike Kristin Smart’s murderer.

A dear friend of mine, Dennis Mahon and crusader for Kristin Smart gave me the news last night that Paul Flores has had yet another brush with the authorities. Dennis Mahon has traveled to the West coast on several occasions, searching for answers as to where Kristin Smart is believed to be hidden. It is Dennis’ observation and that of Denise and Stan Smart (Kristin’s parents) that Kristin died either at the party or afterwards, and her body was disposed of by Paul Flores and his family. They go on to say that there is a high probability that her remains are located underneath a concrete slab poured the very next day on the Flores property after Kristin vanished.

Police have been under great scrutiny for calling off an excavation of that property a few years back. The incomplete excavation has possibly left Kristin forever alone, and never to be found for a proper burial because of police mishandling. Another fact remains about the family of Paul Flores. They refuse to move from the house, nor let police any where near them. This leaves us to wonder what all they are hiding.

My mother and I traveled all the way to San Luis Obispo, California last year to support the community rally that asked for an excavation of the Flores property. Some people thought we were nuts to go this far, but I had a mission. I believe that diligence and determination is what brings justice often times for these people who have fallen victim to a crime. We sat through the court hearing with Dennis and the Flores. I was there when the judge felt as if Dennis and the Smarts were terrorizing the Flores by asking for answers, and when they took Dennis to jail.
I then drove his car down a freeway on the other side of the United States to make the plans to carry out this rally without the leader. We did it and it was one of the best and most memorable trips I’ve ever made.

The point of this, is that it is simply unacceptable that Paul Flores is allowed to roam the streets. He has been arrested numerous times since the disappearance of Kristin. What young woman will be his next victim? What will it take before the police finally indict this person and bring him to justice?
If we can arrest a man who is pushing for answers for a victim who no longer has a voice and we can file a law suit saying that we’ve caused them pain and suffering because of a website and public outcry. What do we do and say for Kristin whose family has had to lie down every single night since May of 1996 not knowing where she is or if she’ll ever be home?
What does that say about our justice system? I was not surprised to hear Flores has been arrested again. The one arrest I wait to hear about is the one for which he is indicted for the disappearance and murder of Kristin Smart. With the grace of God, that will happen SOON.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Can Dr. Lee Solve the Missing Groom Case?

On Monday, Dr. Henry Lee boarded the Royal Carribean cruise ship where George Smith IV vanished on his honeymoon. As many of you will recall, Dr. Lee was made known to most by his work with the OJ Simpson case over ten years ago. Just weeks ago, A Current Affair revealed photos of blood that was supposidly cleaned off a balcony overhang before Turkish officials arrived to make an assessment.
It appears that something sinister happened on the night George vanished after spending time with his wife at the cruiseship bar.

The cruise liner has been under great scrutiny for their actions shortly after it was discovered George was missing. In the beginning of this investigation, they were only going to allow Dr. Lee to have two hours on board the ship to conduct his analysis, but later changed the time limit. This leaves many people to wonder why you'd want to put a time limit on something this important. Royal Carribean also denied Dr. Lee several of his needed tests, one of which included a mannequin that was the same size as George Smith.

Dr. Lee claims that he did find some information but cannot reveal it's origin at this time. This leaves many of us to have a positive outlook on the chances that answers can be found for what really happened to George that fateful night. I feel like some vital information was destroyed and may never be retrieved. I would not put a family member of mine nor myself aboard one of the Royal Carribean ships. They have proven to me that the occupants and their safety are not at the top of their priority list. They seem to show hardly any interest or make any efforts to jump start this investigation. It's plain out ridiculous and an outrage that a man can vanish off a ship and nothing is being done to look for him or to find out who murdered him (because I believe George was murdered).
This story is one that is far from being over. I hope that the family of George Smith IV continues to press for answers and furthermore, I hope they sue Royal Carribean. It would thrill me to see the cruise liner go bankrupt. You do not treat people in this manner and a business like this is one that needs to be gone. My thoughts and prayers are with George's family and Dr. Henry Lee. I have full faith that if there was any information left in that state room that he found it and he can help bring some type of information to the family who has lost a handsome young man that had a life full of promises.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hospital Disappearances

Just a few days ago, Shay Lyn Eisenhardt’s body was discovered near a hospital that she had been treated on July 17, 2003. Shay vanished after the visit there to never be seen alive again. At this time, there is not much information on how Shay died or even if there was foul play involved. Today’s blog entry takes a look at two hospital disappearances. They are not believed to be related, but they all took place in or around a hospital.

The first case is that of Katrina Nash from Olympia, Washington. Her story began when she was taken to an emergency room for evaluation. Katrina had some sort of a mental breakdown and it came out of no where. She was an intelligent young girl who was head of her class and very well liked. Her condition took her family by surprise and they wanted to do all they could to find out what caused this episode.
Upon Katrina’s arrival to the hospital facility, she was very upset and out of sorts. Her mother, Dottie Nash requested that the hospital staff not leave Katrina alone due to her condition. Against Dottie’s wishes, the doctors and nurses put Katrina in a room separated away from her family’s watchful eye. Once the hospital staff came back to make their observation of Katrina, she had vanished without a trace.
It would be nine long years before the Nash family would find Katrina. Her remains were found a few miles from where she vanished that fateful June 18, 1996. It is unclear of Katrina was murdered or if she died after her escape from the hospital from some type of natural cause. Given the condition she was in upon her arrival, it’s hard to make a determination.
What is more troubling about the Katrina Nash case is the hospital’s inability to stop a person who was obviously ill from leaving their care undetected. The family of Katrina would pursue a lawsuit against the hospital but were not successful. It just seems so outlandish that a person could walk out of a hospital with no camera or hospital personnel catching the exit. It happened to Katrina.

In 2003, Shay Eisenhardt was leaving a hospital in Michigan when she vanished without a trace. Her disappearance was one that devastated her family because it was not like her to simply walk away without telling anyone where she was going. It is unclear if Shay met with foul play upon leaving the hospital or if something medically went wrong after she walked out the doors of the hospital’s care.

With Shay’s case, her family did not have to wait nine years to find answers but the time that passed was plenty enough. I doubt that the discovery will bring any satisfaction or closure to their family not knowing what happened to Shay that fateful day.

Our hospitals need to have more security available to protect their patients. They should be guarded like a courthouse with security. These are places where people go who are sick and in need of assistance. Protection is one of those things they need to have when they arrive at one of these facilities. This is yet another one of my problems with safety. There are so many areas that are not considered important when protecting our community. Here’s hoping they find the answers for both of these ladies and their untimely deaths.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Every Parent's Nightmare (The Jaclyn Dowaliby Case)

It was summertime in 1988 when every parent’s nightmare became a reality for David and Cynthia Dowaliby. Their seven year old daughter simply vanished from her own bedroom in the middle of the night. Nobody heard nor saw anything that night.

It became evident early on that Jaclyn did not wander outside, something more sinister had happened. It would be five long days until Jaclyn’s badly decomposed body was discovered in a wooded area near an apartment complex. An autopsy would later reveal that the child died of manual strangulation but because the body was so badly decomposed, it was impossible to tell if there any signs of sexual assault, although her underwear was found nearby.

Just days after the discovery, police began to focus on Cynthia and David Dowaliby, Jaclyn’s parents. They were the only people who were last seen with Jaclyn and more than likely responsible for her disappearance and death, right? What evidence was available to make this assumption?

A witness would come forward to say that he saw a man from 75 yards away in an unlit parking lot back a vehicle in on the night Jaclyn was believed to have been murdered. His vague description was someone with a nose structure resembling David Dowaliby’s. The police were also having trouble with the broken window in the basement. It appeared to be broken from the inside.

The testimony of the only alleged witness, would send David Dowaliby to prison. David knew he was innocent but having to prove it was another thing.

It would not be until later that light would be shed on the fact that Illinois State Police and FBI failed to question a mentally ill family member of the Dowaliby’s who was a potential suspect in the case. In an appeal, the judge overturned David Dowaliby’s verdict of GUILTY. He was allowed to leave prison.

Many people still believe that Cynthia and David know what happened to Jaclyn that fateful night. Others hold steadfast to the theory that the other disappearance and murders of children in the area were linked to Jaclyn, but never pursued properly.

This case prompted a made for television movie called “Gone in the Night” and a book to match.

Illinois would be the focus of another controversy with the Riley Fox disappearance and murder in late 2004. Riley, like Jaclyn Dowaliby vanished from her residence, just like Jaclyn. She was later found floating in a nearby creek. An autopsy would later reveal that the child was alive when she was put into the water. Authorities believed the father, Kevin Fox was responsible and he was later charged. Not until initial DNA samples exonerated Fox, was he able to leave his prison cell to go home to grieve the loss of his child.
This was another child murder in Illinois that there was a wrongful incarceration. Are there problems with the State Police in Illinois? This is now a question many people in the state of Illinois are asking.

At this time, Jaclyn’s murder remains unsolved as well as Riley Fox. I chose this topic for today’s blog so that you could learn about child abductions and how sometimes the police focus on the wrong person. Her story will be featured on AETV tonight beginning @ 6 PM EST on AETV. This is a show about child abduction and murder that all families, searchers of those missing, and concerned citizens need to see.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mystery Returns to Burnt House in Ocilla, GA

Soon after the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a house burnt to the ground, along with an SUV owned by an aquaintance of Tara Grinstead and her ex-boyfriend. There have been many questions and many conversations about what they believe what really caused that fire at the house and if it was related to Tara. How could a bacon grease fire cause a house and a SUV due to be turned back into the dealership in a few days to burn up completely?
Texas Equusearch wanted the whole farm area combed with a fine tooth comb near the house that went down in the fire. Over four groups combed the whole area throughout the day on Saturday and would return to another point of interest on Sunday. The search would begin about 9 a.m. and run till late evening. Every shred of the property was searched, as well as a pond.
The pond was said to have had alligators swimming around the search crew had difficulty getting the boat into the water due to the rough terrain. Some people believe that if Tara was in the house that burnt down that she would definetely not be anywhere on the farm that she'd be taken elsewhere. Some people believe that she's somewhere nearby. It is now pretty much clear to everyone that something terrible happened to Tara on or about October 23rd. There are a lot of determined people in South GA and some of us In Northwest GA that will return each time Texas Equusearch calls us in. We know that what happened was not right and it's our civic duty to assist and help conclude this mystery.
I expect to be traveling back to Ocilla within three weeks to begin another search for Tara. The drive is approximately 3 1/2 hours for my family as we trek down I-75 South.
I have concerns that the next time it will be even warmer and we could be faced with even more of those 6 foot rattlesnakes like we ran into this last go around. Those things are very unpleasant!
This weekend has taken a lot of my group. We are partly tired from the search and mentally drained from the past weeks with the situation with Patrice. At every search we attend, we always have Carrie's button on our clothing somewhere because she is the reason we are doing what we do. The command post in Ocilla has Carrie's flier up on the door and her story has prompted many of the searchers to ask about her case. Her presence will always be there @ everything we do. Carrie's flier along with Rachel Cooke, Sueann Ray, Heather Teague, and Natalee Holloway are posted alongside Tara in the Tara Command Center. We all have a mission. That is to find our missing people and to help others as we wait.
Texas Equusearch will be in Ocilla this week conducting more work on the Tara Grinstead case. Tim Miller was not present this weekend. He was @ home resting (I hear) because he just came back in from Aruba conducting another in depth search for Natalee. They have such a great group who will keep working until something is resolved. I believe we will find Tara sooner or later. God bless all of the wonderful people who came down to help us search for Tara. People who drove from far away places and donated their time that they could've been @ at ballgame or mall to help find a missing woman. I always feel like I'm @ home with all these people when we roll into town. Let's not forget about Tara. She needs to be brought home.

Additional Photos from the Search

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Christine Rudy - 6 Months Pregnant - Murdered - DISMEMBERED?

I am hearing news reports that Christine Rudy, a six month pregnant mother was shot and then dismembered by her own husband!
Just weeks ago Christine vanished without a trace. Her husband claimed that he let her outside the car to walk after an arguement in below freezing temperatures. Later Christine was seen at a church where she spoke to the pastor or the priest (I forgot exactly which one, but you get the picture). She told the priest/pastor that she was waiting for her husband to come get her and she appeared to have been crying. This was the last confirmed sighting of Christine.
Just a few hours ago her husband is now believed to have murdered Christine (as we all suspected) and dismembering her. I have to ask what kind of sick individual would murder a pregnant woman and then go ahead and dismember her? I know that since the disappearance and murder of Laci Peterson, there have been many other ladies who were expecting fall victim to a violent crime, but this is really getting out of hand. If you cannot trust your own husband, then who can you trust? Ladies do we have to sleep with one eye open now worried that we will be another Laci Peterson, Lori Hacking, or Christine Rudy? Statistics are showing that the number one cause of death among pregnant women is being killed by the baby's father. My question to you all is how do we know when it's safe to become pregnant with the man who is supposed to love and cherish us? What warning signs are being missed by so many of these people?
I feel terrible for the family of Christine. I knew from the beginning that something obviously went wrong that day. It was impossible for her to go out like that in the freezing temps and make it. I hope that this man can be brought to justice soon. I hope that all mothers out there are safe and that their unborn children will be as well. In a perfect world, there'd be no need for me to post blog entries about various missing people and violent crimes. We would all be living without any worries or heartaches. Everyone would be home safe and there'd be no evil. I know that is not possible in the real world. There has to be a way to stop this madness. At least we now have a law in place that charges a man or woman who commits murder on an expectant mother to be charged with two murders, not just one. We are headed in the right direction there.

Tune into Nancy Grace tomorrow night (Friday, Jan. 20th) to see George Smith IV (also known as the missing groom) family. They will be talking with Nancy Grace about George's disappearance and their trip back to the cruise ship where he was last seen. There's something that does not quite fit with this story.

Today's blog entry is dedicated to all missing and murdered people. Hoping that answers can be found for the families they've left behind. Also wishing all of the searchers this weekend joining us in Ocilla, GA a safe and successful search for Tara. God bless each of them who have taken the time to come out and help.

Innocence Lost - The Murder of Taylor Behl

Taylor Behl had just graduated from high school and was headed to college. She had so many great things ahead of her, and so much to learn. That was until she crossed paths with a man named Ben Fawley. Ben was a 38 year old amateur photographer who had some strange taste in his work. Somewhere along the way, Taylor began a sexual relationship with Fawley that would later end.
On Labor Day weekend of 2005, Taylor logged onto her computer and then simply vanished off the face of the earth. What happened to her?
It would be about a month later when Taylor’s remains were found in a shallow grave near Ben Fawley’s ex-girlfriend’s house. The apparent cause of death was asphyxiation. It was not long until Ben Fawley was arrested on an unrelated charge, but everyone knew that police wanted to question him in Taylor’s disappearance now murder. He would later tell authorities that he had been having rough sex with Taylor and she died. Hardly believable, it would take from early October of 2005 until January 2006 for a grand jury to indict Fawley for the murder of Taylor Behl.

Taylor Behl’s death is another example of a young woman who was murdered by a person with some serious problems. This is becoming something very common and that’s not good. What can our country do to cut down on the senseless murders of young women? In my mind, Ben Fawley was a sexual predator. These people must be stopped.

I blame a lot of these attacks and sexual predators on pornography. It is proven that some people cannot process the material they are viewing and it fuels uncontrollable desires, and rage that often escalates into murder against an unwilling party. How do we distinguish between fantasy and reality? How do we cut down on the availability of this type of material that degrades women in so many ways? When do we say enough is enough?
I do not believe we should live in a country that tells us when to go outside, but we need stiffer penalties for these types of people. We need penalties that can carry longer sentences for downloading child porn, or anything that sexually violates another individual. Taylor Behl is another example of a young woman whose innocence was lost at the hands of someone she trusted. We must stand up and stop these perverts. Contact your legislature today and ask for these changes. Your voice counts!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Someone Knows What Happened to Tara Grinstead

Tara Grinstead vanished from her own home in October of 2005. It appeared as if whoever was responsible was someone she knew personally. It is just all too weird how she left her car unlocked, her house in the manner it was left and did not say goodbye to anyone. In the days following Tara's disappearance, there was a mysterious house fire not too far away from her house. The GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) went out to the scene and looked it over, or did they? In the mid December search led by Texas Equusearch, a few volunteers went to that house and took a look around. It appeared as if there were areas that were not combed for possible clues. For example, the ground inside the house, it was untouched. Nobody thought to look at this for bone fragments or anything that looked suspcious.
Tara was taken by someone she knows. Someone she possibly angered and moved them to do something to her. Christmas just passed and she did not return home, nor call. That is not something she'd do. She's been taken to a place where she is unable to get home.
Late last week, Nancy Grace did an in depth two day broadcast from Ocilla Georgia. She talked with various friends and aquaintances who knew Tara. Some people believe the strange exstudent who believes he had a relationship with Tara could be responsible, I do not.
There are many parts of this case that law enforcement and those working close to the case believe fit the puzzle of this mystery. Things that I cannot post on a live blog. I will say that those who are responsible are close by and have the answers. There is possibly more than one person involved in this mystery.
This weekend as we head back to Ocilla, to join TES for yet another in depth search for Tara, I hope that those who are responsible begin to feel the pressure and make that call. Eventually Tara will be located and those responsible for this will be brought to justice. There are too many people in South Georgia who live and breathe this case day in and day out.
She's out there somewhere and I believe that she may be found this weekend. If not this weekend, another weekend very soon. It's time for our community to take a stand and stop this type of stuff from happening to innocent people. If you have a problem with somebody, you can work it out and not turn violent. If you are able to, come to South GA this weekend and join us for the search for Tara. One weekend is worth it to help a devastated family. If you can't walk very far, work inside the command post. There's something for everyone to do. You are obviously interested in the missing people because you are reading this blog. Step out from behind the computer and make a difference.
Also hats off to Tim Miller and his group Texas Equusearch. They are currently back in Aruba searching for Natalee Holloway. They will be returning to Georgia by Friday afternoon (I hear from sources) to begin set-up for the next search for Tara. Anybody can admire their determination to help get these ladies home.

From Tara Grinstead Website:
Volunteers Needed! - Texas Equusearch 1/21 & 1/22Search efforts will originate from the Tara Center located at the Senior Center on W 4th St in Ocilla. Search teams will gather at 8am each day. Please let us know if you can participate by caling 229-468-0667 or by email at

See Also:


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Saying Goodbye To Patrice Endres 1-15-06

Today we said goodbye to Patrice Endres at the Coal Mtn. Baptist Church in Cumming, GA. Patrice's remains were discovered behind a church in Dawsonville, GA 602 days after she vanished on April 15, 2004. To date, Patrice's cause of death is unknown.

Sueann Ray's dad, Danny Jenkins made the three hour drive from South Carolina to attend Patrice's funeral. He had met Patrice's husbdand, Rob Endres the day the filmed for Geraldo.
It was hard for me to even get ready today. I knew that today would be the final event for Patrice and that she was indeed gone. I made it to the church and met with Sueann's dad where we all sat waiting for the service to begin.

Many people spoke fondly of Patrice and how she was always a friend to everyone and always in a good mood. How could anyone want to harm Patrice? It is still believed by many that Jeremy Jones is still the person who murdered Patrice, but others are not sure. They think it could've been someone else but there's no evidence to support that. Jones remains the main suspect in Patrice's disappearance and murder. He was sentenced in Alabama just five days before Patrice was found behind the church to die for murdering Lisa Marie Nichols.

This is all very hard for me to process. I had resolved myself to believe that Patrice was in the river and would never be found. When she came home, I was given more hope that sometimes these cases are solved.

Patrice's husband and I talked tonight after all the people left and went home. He said that nothing is holding him here in Georgia and he may return soon to his home in California. I asked him if he had it all to do over again and he knew what he knows today, would he have ever talked to Patrice that day when they met? He said that although this has turned out in a horrible way, he would never want to change the 10 happy years he had with Patrice. I dont blame him. I told him that we would do whatever he wanted but we did not want to take down Patrice's website because it was Patrice's and so many people went there to visit with her. He wants to keep Patrice's site in place and I know I do. Somehow I felt that although today's memorial was some sort of closure for what happened to Patrice, I'm still left with an emptiness that she's gone now and nothing is going to bring her back. Where will I be now that I'm not looking for her? It will be hard for me to take down Patrice's face from the collage of missing people that are on my board who need to come home. Patrice is home and this chapter has closed. Tonight and many more days to come, my mind will wander back to that warm night when I could hear the helicopters flying over the town searching for Patrice. Wondering where she could be, was time running out, and was she ok. She knows somehow how hard we searched for her and all the changes that went on in my own personal journey through life because of her disappearance. Rest peacefully Patrice. You are now home and we will find out who is responsible for this. You'll live on in my heart and many others always. I'm sure I'll write more about Patrice in the future. Make sure you visit her website to view the booklet from her memorial today. I wanted everyone to be able to see this who were unable to attend the memorial today.

Memorial for Patrice

We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not alone; for part of us went with you, the day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide; and though we cannot see you, you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same; but as God calls us one by one; the Chain will link again.

This blog entry is dedicated to Patrice Endres and all other missing and murdered people.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Made for TV Movie About A Missing Person

Today I was thinking of what I should write in this blog because on the weekends I always try to have something. The work week can sometimes be hectic and I dont post as much as I should.
With that being said, I wanted to talk about a movie that came on Lifetime TV that dealt with a family having a missing loved one and their actions to bring him back home.

In 1985 there was a movie called "Into Thin Air" that starred Tate Donovan who played "Brian Walker" and he was headed from his home in Canada to Colorado to attend college. While he was in route, his van broke down and he needed assistance. Somehow he crossed paths with two men who offered him assistance. He was never seen nor heard from again. After a few days, his mother began very concerned and tried calling police. The police assured her that he probably went out partying and he'd be at school shortly. He never arrived. The police were reluctant to help so the family bascially began their own investigation hiring a private investigator.
The end of this movie is that they found "Brian" had been offered help if he'd give these two gentleman a ride and that ride became murder. They dumped "Brian's" body in a nearby river after he was stabbed to death and they went on a joyride with his van before setting it on fire. After the family finally found out what happened to him, they had to endure another three years before his body was released to them for burial. The movie was so much like what I see and hear every day with families who are dealing with this type of thing.

I have tried to find out who the real "Brian" was who became this victim that this movie was based on. It is highly possible that names were changed for the movie as they often do. There is barely any information about the movie let alone any information about the person who the movie was made about. I think our media needs to have more movies and shows that show these types of things to show the community what most of these families have to go through in order to get help finding their loved ones. If anything, it will possibly gain interest on this growing problem and possibly get more people involved. It's been proven that people are highly influenced by what they see and hear on TV.

You can often find this movie in discount stores or on Ebay. Sometimes it will come on Lifetime. If you have not seen this, it's a pretty good movie. I've had this on VHS since I was like 17. It is in collection of things about missing people. If anyone knows the real person depicted in the movie and more about this case, please email me. I'd like to include this person on our forum.

Here is a movie summary below:
Ellen Burstyn stars as the Canadian mother of a college student who vanishes mysteriously while driving back to school in the states. After having no luck from the police, she hires a private detective (Robert Prosky) to help her. Their tenacious pursuit of clues uncovers the grim details of her sons fate, leading to a shocking climax.

Additonal Link:

Friday, January 13, 2006

Psychic Tip Not Helpful In Search for Leslie Adams

Earlier this week, on Leslie Adams' website a tip came into Leslie's website that there was a map created by a psychic (name withheld) that needed to be forwarded to the police department. The map was an area that the psychic believed that Leslie Adams could be located. The information was forwarded to Det. Head with the Gwinnett County Police Dept. A search was conducted the very next day in that area with the cadaver dogs. The search ended up with no answers or any location of Leslie.
The person who sent in this tip has worked with several families of the missing and many of us are familiar with this individual. While often times their information is things that only certain people could know, I often wonder if some of their energy is sparked by news articles and things I post on these sites? I am not a believer in psychics or mediums. I have not seen anything to conclude that any missing person has been brought home from one of these people. I watch the Psychic Detective shows and I must be missing something because I cannot see where these people have solved any of the cases. I think maybe one or two of them describe something that ends up being related to the case, but it's all so vague to me.

I have always tried to keep and open mind about things but I just DONT believe in their abilities. Several families have asked me to tell them what I think about situations like this and should they work with these people. I tell them that when working one of these cases I do not exclude any tip we get if we can determine it's not some lunatic trying to get attention, which sometimes is the case. I always tell them that I'd listen and think quietly to myself about what they were saying and NEVER give them any money. If I began to feel uncomfortable or I did not want to hear anymore, I'd discontinue communication with them.
I feel like these cases are in God's hands and when God is ready for us to have the information then it will present itself, for example Patrice's case. I know that my beliefs are probably different from other peoples and that's why it's called an opinion, but I cannot see the grey area in most things in life. It's pretty cut and dried.
Leslie's family was glad that the psychic was wrong because if they had been right then, Leslie would've been found deceased in a wooded area. This allows them to continue to have hope that Leslie is out there alive somewhere and will return home safe.
Also, this week, Leslie's boyfriend was questioned again regarding her disappearance. He claims to know nothing about Leslie's disappearance, although Leslie took out a restraining order against him just days before she vanished. This leaves many of us to speculate on his involvement. We all will continue to wait and wonder where Leslie is.

For more information on the case of Leslie Adams, visit her website below:
Find Leslie Adams

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mother of Murder Victim Helps Fund Search and Rescue

Today I go back to the book I read last week about “For Laci” written by her mother Sharon Rocha. Sharon witnessed a problem that many of us see when looking for the missing. That problem is the funding to do searches, and events to help bring these people home. Often times these searches with the K-9 handlers, and groups end up paying for their travel, hotel, and materials out of their own pocket.
This is what happened with the Peterson case. The handlers were unable to continue to the search for the rest of Laci Peterson’s remains because they were financially drained. Although Laci was home, some of her was still lost at sea. This leaves the family to have to think of the fact that part of their loved one is still missing and cannot be laid to rest.

Sharon decided that the profit from the book would go to set up a search and rescue fund that helps families of those missing who need search and rescue personnel to come in and help. I thought this was a very good thing to do because often times the families need these services but cannot have them because the searchers cannot come to their area due to lack of funds and the family is unable to pay for the expenses. This is a huge problem that most people are unaware of nor think about until it is happening in their family.

Most people who work to help find the missing who do these thorough searches are people like you and me who work full time jobs and do what is important afterwards. It would be wonderful to be able to look for these people each and every day but who pays our bills and sees that our family is provided for?
If I could have one wish this year, it would be for the government to set in place a special fund and system for each state and others abroad that can click into action within an hour after a person’s family makes that desperate call for help. Possibly hire people who are on call 24 hours a day for when something of this nature arises. They are paid and there is no uncertainty of the job within six months because a grant runs out. It should be permanent and stable. It is just as important as our FEMA or Red Cross in my mind.
We have been able to get the Amber Alert in most states, so why can’t we set aside some special funding for assistance for the missing?

I’ve always thought Sharon Rocha was a wonderful person who has set an example for so many other moms on how to be strong and how to get through something like losing somebody you love. What she’s doing for these people in memory of Laci is something that is not only wonderful, it something that is so beneficial to those of us who want to help these missing people.
I hope you’ve had the chance to see Sharon on the many shows she visited this week discussing the disappearance and murder of Laci. I also highly recommend picking up “For Laci” at your local bookstore. This is probably the best one of the books written about the Peterson case.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Disappearance & Murder of Laney Gwinner

Today I wanted to write about one of the cases that I’ve taken personal since I became familiar with the Carrie Culberson disappearance. That is the case of Alana “Laney” Gwinner. Laney Gwinner vanished from a bowling alley in Fairfield, Ohio and was later found dead in the Ohio River on this date in 1998. Laney owned a Honda Del Sol that has never been found. Who could’ve harmed Laney and why? Was it someone she knew or a stranger? Her family and friends had to find out.

When I began my work with Carrie’s case, I began to take a look into the disappearances of other women in the general area. Generally the ones I had seen where Carrie’s mom had worked with the families. As stated many times before, in the VERY beginning of the research into the Culberson case, I thought there was a possibility that Vince Doan was innocent but that was later confirmed that he was the only person involved in Carrie’s disappearance, nobody else – such as a serial killer.

Laney’s case caught my eye because of the Honda car missing, just as in the Culberson case. Laney was found, although Carrie remained missing.
There was not much information about Laney available online at the time I began researching her case. Most of the information I gained on the case from small articles and information from Carrie’s mom. I felt like if we put the small information out there that maybe one of her friends would do a search online one day and find it. Possibly take over the wheel and start circulating Laney’s case which it needed.
A few months passed and several ladies came onto Carrie’s forum and posted to Laney’s thread. It was obvious that there were some friends just as I speculated who still wondered what happened to their friend and were still searching for answers. Shortly after they began on the website, more information was coming out allover the net about Laney. I was so glad to see this happening because it seemed as if Laney was headed to the cold case file forever, and that was something we did not want.

In early 2005 I began looking at Laney’s possible connection to some other ladies from the state of Kentucky (which is near the area where Laney was found). One of those being Erica Fraysure and Heather Teague. In the last year, Laney Gwinner, Erica Fraysure and Heather Teague have all gotten some movement in their cases, and that’s a good thing.
In late 2005 a report came out that confirmed what I suspected long ago. That was Laney’s death was connected to one of those other disappearances. No arrests have been made just yet in the death of Laney Gwinner but I believe there is one on the horizon. I don’t believe the case cannot be solved if the car is not found. I have told several of the Gwinner supporters that they should petition the court to have her remains exhumed for another autopsy. Our DNA testing is far more advanced now than in 1997. I believe there is something on Laney that can close this case.

You can see Laney’s smile and tell she was a happy person on the two websites for her. Her life was taken away by someone much too soon and that person must be brought to justice. Laney Gwinner’s friends and family deserve to know who did this to their loved one. Whoever did this must pay for their crime. I believe they will be soon.

I recommend you visit Laney’s two websites for more information about her case. You or someone you know may have the answers to close this case and help this family be able to move forward.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What Happened to Rachel Cooke?

Rachel Cooke was home from college for the holidays when she when she went out for a morning jog. Rachel never returned home that morning and it now four years later and there are still no clues as to her whereabouts. It was first believed that Rachel had possibly been in an accident where she'd been hit by a car while jogging but it later became apparent that something else had happened to Rachel.
Several searches turned up no clues, devastating Rachel's family who continued to wait patiently for answers. Who took Rachel and why?

Since Rachel's disappearance, her family has become advocates to help other families who have a missing loved one. As someone who tries to visit as many missing person events as possible, I've witnessed Rachel's dad in so many places. Many people know Rachel's dad as "RC". RC will often fly from his home in Texas to many of these events, going as far away as Aruba to assist in the search for Natalee Holloway. His knowledge of the missing person situation is one that I wish all families could have. I credit a lot of my knowledge of how to help and act on these serious situations from Robert Cooke.
I think of Rachel often and picture what could've happened that day. I wonder how long it will be before her family is allowed to know what happened that day and when Rachel can be found. I think of their strength through all the pain and suffering of not knowing.
As this anniversary date passes today, I continue to keep hope that answers can be found for Rachel Cooke's disappearance.

Visit Rachel's Website for more information on Rachel and the efforts by her dad to assist others who are dealing with this type of situation.

Rachel Cooke Search

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lorne Boulet's Family Remembers Patrice Endres

This coming Sunday, Jan. 15th beginning @ 2:30 pm, I will be attending an event that I never thought I'd be attending. That is Patrice Endres' memorial. Patrice has been the subject of many of my posts on this blog since I started. Many people have sent their well wishes since Patrice was found in early December. Many of those same people cannot attend the memorial because they live too far away. Tonight as I went to check my email, I received one of the best emails I've had in a while. It was from a special friend of mine, Louise Holmburg from New Hampshire.

Louise and her family held a special vigil for Patrice tonight out in the freezing cold and snow. Louise has some of the best kids anyway, and their friends seem to be good kids as well. They were all outside lighting candles and then letting the balloons go for Patrice. This really touched my heart, because Louise has stepped forth to do something for Patrice when she has so many other things to attend to, such as finding her nephew Lorne.
We've shared many emails and phone calls talking about the issue of missing people. As stated many times previously, it's a growing epidemic and it must be stopped.
As my family and I head to Forsyth County this Sunday to say goodbye to Patrice, I will think of all the wonderful people who have helped us in our search for her. I will ask that God grant them answers and some sort of closure as what we are partially getting for Patrice, although her murder remains unsolved. It only takes a few minutes to remember these people. That work you do is forever etched into somebody's heart and mind. Louise, I know you are going to read this and I want you to know how much I appreciate you as a friend and what you continue to do for all these people. I thank-you for sharing with me Lorne's story and helping me to understand about the person he is. I will see you this April in New York @ Missing Person's Day. I will talk to you very soon.

See additional photos from this event HERE

This blog entry is dedicated tonight to all missing and murdered people. It's also dedicated to all those people who help search for the lost. Without you, these people would never be found.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Book Review - For Laci (By Sharon Rocha)

My posts have been scarce this week because I've read two books. My family has followed the Laci Peterson case from the very beginning and each book that came out, we've read. After reading Blood Brother, Witness, and A Deadly Game, it was time to get to the last two. Those being For Laci and one I wish I had my $25 back on, Presumed Guilty.

Against my better judgment while in the bookstore about 4 days before the release of For Laci, I picked up what was one of the most ridiculous and fantasy based books I've ever read. Despite what some people think, I have tried to view all evidence and information from the Peterson case because in the first part of the case, I wondered if people were being too harsh on Scott Peterson and maybe he was just a typical self centered man who went fishing while Laci was at home pregnant. It was far from that.
Inside this Presumed Guilty book, the revelations of a kidnapping by people in a van and these people who broke into the house across the street, had no link whatsoever to Laci's disappearance. These sightings of Laci were like sightings of Elvis, they simply did not happen. I brought this on myself for even buying that book. I was apalled and disgusted at the gobbly gook this man wants the public to believe about what really happened to Laci and her unborn child.

A few days later I was able to purchase what I should've read in the beginning - For Laci. Inside is not only the information that many of us read in A Deadly Game, it gave first hand account of how Sharon Rocha notices the incosistent statements and lies by her once trusted son-in-law. The descriptions of her searches and the day she was finally able to say goodbye to Laci was very hard to read, and very sad.
There were so many things that Scott Peterson lied about and to go ahead and take an unborn baby's life is just about as low as you can go. The way Lee and Jackie acted is typical of people who want to believe in the fact their child is not capable of something so heinous and their efforts to aggrivate and intimidate the victim's family. I've never understood what motivates people to act like that, because it shows that there is obviously something that they dont want the world to know and it sends many red flags, as if there were not enough already.
I have to say that I believe the jury made the best decision when they sentenced Scott Peterson to death. He planned and carried out the murder of his wife and the baby who never had a chance to even come into this world, let alone make anybody angry. For that reason, I hope that Scott Peterson is tormented every day that he continues to live with the thoughts of what he did to Laci. I hope that when his eyes close and he leaves this world that he opens them in hell, right where he belongs. This is one man who is not only a coward, he's pure evil.

If you haven't already, make sure you pick up Sharon's book "For Laci". Make sure you have a box of tissues as you begin reading.


Friday, January 06, 2006

Mystery in Gilmer Texas

On Jan. 5, 1992 Kelly Dae Wilson closed the video store where she worked part time and was never seen nor heard from again. Kelly's car would later be found in the parking lot with the tires slashed. Inside the car there was a bottle of vodka. Whose bottle of vodka was it, and what happened to Kelly?

In the months following Kelly's disappearance, many rumors began to float around about what actually happened to Kelly. One was that she was kidnapped by a satanic cult, another was that her boyfriend murdered her, and then the most startling of all. Accusations that the lead detective James Brown was involved in a cult and participated in the abduction and murder of Kelly Dae Wilson. Brown was arrested along with people who were believed to be in a cult. The charges were later dropped against James Brown it was found that the people who made those allegations recanted their statements. With all charges dropped and his career destroyed, one fact still remained. That was that Kelly was still missing without a trace.
It has been since 1992 when Kelly vanished and there are still no clear answers as to her whereabouts. Her family continues to wait for answers and still cling to hope that Kelly can be found soon. Who is really responsible for Kelly's disappearance, do you know?

For more information on Kelly's disappearance, please visit

Where Is Kelly Dae Wilson
The Charley Project Case Profile on Kelly

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Prayer Vigil for Louise Poe

Louise Poe vanished on Dec. 28th from an assisted living facility in Woodstock, GA. She has not been seen nor heard from since. Security inside the facility did not respond to the alarm that sounded that day. It is now Sunday, and Louise's birthday. She remains missing without a trace. At the request of Sgt. Dan King, our group helped coordinate a prayer vigil tonight for Louise. At first I was afraid that we would arrive to a very small group of people because of the fact it's New Years and the weather is not very good outside.

As we arrived at the location, there was a parking lot full of people. The vigil for Louise turned out to be one of the best ever. It is important for us to keep Louise's face and information out there in the event someone knows something that can help locate her.
There are many questions from other families of those who have loved ones staying at the assisted living facility about safety. Apparently from reports we've heard from police and other people, this is NOT the first time an elderly person has gone unattended and walked out of the facility. Each night as the weather begins to change, I worry and wonder where Louise could be. Maybe Louise can be found soon and she's been taken to a hospital a few counties over? My thoughts and prayers remain with the family and those who love Louise Poe. You can see more photos from tonight's vigil by visit the link below.

Vigil for Louise Poe

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