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Friday, January 06, 2006

Mystery in Gilmer Texas

On Jan. 5, 1992 Kelly Dae Wilson closed the video store where she worked part time and was never seen nor heard from again. Kelly's car would later be found in the parking lot with the tires slashed. Inside the car there was a bottle of vodka. Whose bottle of vodka was it, and what happened to Kelly?

In the months following Kelly's disappearance, many rumors began to float around about what actually happened to Kelly. One was that she was kidnapped by a satanic cult, another was that her boyfriend murdered her, and then the most startling of all. Accusations that the lead detective James Brown was involved in a cult and participated in the abduction and murder of Kelly Dae Wilson. Brown was arrested along with people who were believed to be in a cult. The charges were later dropped against James Brown it was found that the people who made those allegations recanted their statements. With all charges dropped and his career destroyed, one fact still remained. That was that Kelly was still missing without a trace.
It has been since 1992 when Kelly vanished and there are still no clear answers as to her whereabouts. Her family continues to wait for answers and still cling to hope that Kelly can be found soon. Who is really responsible for Kelly's disappearance, do you know?

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