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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Things to be Grateful For

Today was one of those blah days. It was one where it's cold and grey outside but everybody else is off for the holidays, and you have a few more to go. It was one of those where you are thinking about this person and that person and the cases in general. Nothing major, it was just an ordinary day.

Today when I arrived home, there was a wreath with red flowers, which included a little church covered with artificial snow. As I walked closer to it, I realized who had sent it. I did that thing I do a lot. I felt that lump in the back of my throat. You know the one you get when you feel like you want to cry. As I opened the card, I realized it was from two of my dearest friends, Sarah Teague and her brother Danny Jenkins. Siblings who both have missing loved ones, Heather Teague and Sueann Ray. I normally do not post things like this but just standing there looking at the little church with the flowers made me stop and realize what my two friends are having to deal with and how so often I take things forgranted in life. The church hit a nerve with me because Patrice was found behind God's house exactly two weeks ago today. A place of peace, a place we find solace in hard times.

The purpose of this entry to tonight is to let people know that life has no guarantees, and that we must find a way to put our faith in the one who is really control. Sarah reminded me that Patrice's discovery was all in God's timing. His timing will be when Sueann, Heather, Carrie, and all these missing people will be found. Sunday as many of us open presents and visit with our friends and family, there will be so many families who are not celebrating because they miss somebody who was taken away. Sunday is not really about you and I. It's about the one who can help us through these difficult times and help us find these people. Let us remember him on his birthday - Christmas.
Sarah and Danny, thank you for sending me what was my favorite gift so far this holiday season. Thinking of you guys always. Tomorrow is a new day.

Actual photo of the church bouguet. I am so proud of this.
Today's blog is dedicated to all missing and murdered people


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