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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Forsyth Mystery Continues

December 6, 2005 closed one chapter to the mystery of April 15, 2004 in Forsyth County, Georgia. What was once thought to be an open and closed case, has now heated back up with uncertainty and concern.

Construction workers behind a small church in Dawsonville, GA discovered Patrice Endres' final resting place. Patrice was said to be in a river nearly 65 miles away by a man who claimed responsibility for her murder. The discovery was sad but wonderful in that we were able to locate Patrice when they told us initially she'd never be found in the river. Then questions began to arise about the fact Jeremy Jones gave a totally different location from where Patrice was actually found. Now apparently, law enforcement officials believe he lied.

In an interview late last week with AJC, Jones said that he lied about the whole kidnapping and murder of Patrice to obtain special treatment while in jail. He also claimed that he didnt kill anybody in Georgia, which is also a lie. We know that Jones murdered 16 year old Amanda Greenwell who was his neighbor. Can this man tell the truth?
Authorities say now that they are back at square one with Patrice's murder. They say that previously she was just missing but now it's a homicide. If Jeremy Jones didnt murder Patrice, then who did? There is no way her husband murdered her. He's been interrogated so many times, taking numerous lie detector tests, which he passed. He's not a suspect. Who could've known Patrice's schedule that day. Who knew that 30 minute window where she'd be alone? There is still a $17,000 reward in place for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for Patrice's murder.
The Forsyth County mystery still remains. Something obviously went wrong on April 15, 2004. There is someone who knows what happened to Patrice. Perhaps someone will come forward and solve this mystery. Patrice is finally home but she needs us to find her killer. I'm not ready to give up on this. We've come this far. I can continue to wait for answers.

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