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Thursday, December 08, 2005

One Search Ends - Another Begins 12-8-05

Today has been another day of trying to process the fact that Patrice has been found and I’m no longer wondering where she is. I can only imagine how the reality has set in for her husband.
It seems impossible but it’s real. Several people have asked me if we will take down her website because it reads Find Patrice. I think I’ll leave it in place as a keepsake for her family. I’m just not ready to take it down. We will just reword some of the material on the site to reflect a memorial site.
There is now a journey for justice underway as one phase of this mystery concluded yesterday. This all still feels very strange to me, although I’m relieved we finally found Patrice.

This weekend my group will be heading almost 200 miles South to Ocilla Georgia to join Texas Equusearch and Sar911 in the search for Tara Grinstead. We will be there for two days. It almost feels as if we should be staying home for Patrice but there is nothing going on right now except media blurbs. I am sure that the 200 mile drive will include a long conversation about Patrice and about what has possibly gone wrong with Tara.
Next week’s forecast appears to be a busy one. On Dec. 18th we have Sueann’s vigil @ the Canton Wal-mart where she vanished. We have to make this night beautiful because Sueann remains missing and this is the first Christmas her family will have to celebrate without her.

Our family is watching the developments in the Cherokee murder trial of Katie Hamlin today. The jury is expected to be given the case. It is believed Katie was raped, murdered and then set on fire by a young man named Jamerson Mangrum and another young man. If they should come back with a verdict today, I will redo this section of the blog.


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