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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two Teenage Black Widows? History Repeats Itself

Today's blog entry is not about a particular missing or murdered person. It is a personal look into two murder cases.

In 1991, 14 year old Jessica Wiseman was dating a 17 year young man that her parents did not approve of. Their relationship was not your conventional teen relationship. The relationship was a deep sexual relationship that Jessica's parents were not going to allow. After all, Jessica was only 14 years old. Finally J.B. and his wife Kathy Wiseman told Jessica's boyfriend, Douglas Christopher Thomas, better known as "Chris" that his relationship was OVER with Jessica. Jessica devised a plan with Chris who later was determined to be borderline mentally retarded to murder her parents. She told Chris that there was no other way for them to be together, and that she was being abused repeatly by her father both sexually and physically. Jessica planned that fateful night. She would let Chris into the house, they'd murder her parents, and then they would make it appear that someone had broken into the residence and it was a burglary gone wrong.
Chris tried to back out of the plan at the last minute but Jessica said it had to be done. Acting upon his love for Jessica, he shot both her father and mother.
The next day, unable to accept what he had done, Chris (pictured left) turned himself in to authorities. Jessica began to say that Chris was stalking her family and she was not the loving girlfriend anymore. It appeared Chris had been set up because Jessica felt her parents were too strict on her. It seemed to detectives that she hand picked Chris Thomas because of his past brushes with police. Who was going to believe his story against hers? Chris was convicted of his crimes and given a harsh sentence. He was sentenced to die by lethal injection. Chris has already been executed for his crimes. Jessica, because she was underage at the time of her involvement, she was only given the maximum sentence for youth in Virginia, that being 12 years in a youth facility.
A made for television movie came out about this called "Twisted Desire". Jessica Wiseman's character is played by Sabrina the Teenage Witche's actress, Melissa Joan Hart. It airs often times on Lifetime Television for women. A case that both angers and saddens me to see what happened.

Just last week, another Kara Borden was supposidly abducted by a young man who just murdered her parents. In the beginning the authorities believed that Borden was taken against her will by this young man that she was known to be dating. Borden's parents just like the Wisemans were not approving of the relationship and demanded that it end. Police believe the motive for murder was because Ludwig was unable to accept the family's decision to stop him from seeing Kara.
Did David plan this attack alone or was his girlfriend involved in the plan just like with the Wiseman case back in 1991?
While authorities are still working on this case, I have to wonder if this is another "Twisted Desire" but several years later in another state? Is history repeating itself?

Reports are coming out that Kara ran to the car after Ludwig murdered her family and wanted to go with him. I am waiting to hear that she somehow convinced Ludwig that there was no way for them to be together unless he murdered the family. This is an age old game. Some people will do anything for the one they love, even commit murder. When I saw this on TV, my mind went directly back to Twisted Desire. I hope that if this young woman is involved in this, that she is given equal punishment for her role. We've all been angry at our parents but we didnt murder them. No one person's life should end because of teenage black widow. This is one that I will be keeping a watch on.

Tonight's blog entry is dedicated as always to Carrie Culberson.


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