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Saturday, November 19, 2005

No Holiday For Searchers of the Missing

Today's post is something that really does not involve a particular missing person per say, but it involves the missing in general.
Today I was on the way to the mall to do the other thing that I love best - shopping, when my phone rang. I started to not answer because today was going to be a day of personal time, away from any computer or phone. I answered the phone and it was a friend of mine who heads a K9 unit. We were discussing a case but then our conversation took a different turn. The conversation was about there not being a day off from what we do. We don't not respond to phone calls, pleas for help or check the news for updates. No matter if we are at a family gathering, shopping at the mall, or out on a date, we are always thinking about something pertaining to one of these cases. Sometimes we try to turn off the computer, cell phone, or not turn on the news, but it never ends up that way. The moral of this post tonight is that there is no holiday for those of us who work on these cases, just as there is no holiday for these families who continue to wait. The families of the missing are trying to have a holiday with their hearts broken not knowing what happened. We are a different breed of people. We have to continue doing this on all days. Our theory is that the family's pain doesn't stop for a holiday, so how do we stop trying to help?
As the holidays approach, it is important for us to stay focused and enjoy some personal time with those who are special to us while still working on what we are called to do. Most of our families know what we do and they are interested, some even help us. Let us show thanks for what we have this Thursday as Thanksgiving arrives. Let us not forget those who are probably not celebrating the holiday the same as you and I are. Let's pray that no other holiday will approach for them without their loved ones.

Tonights post is dedicated always to Carrie Culberson.


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