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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Justice For Carlie Brucia

Late Thursday a Florida jury convicted Joseph Smith for the abduction, rape, and murder of 11 year old Carlie Brucia. Carlie was attempting to walk home from a friends house when she cut through a car wash parking lot. She could've never known a sexual predator was there. A video would capture Carlie's abduction unbeknownst to Joseph Smith.
After a massive search was lauched, while the tapes capturing Carlie's abduction were sent to NASA's photo enhancement unit.

The tapes would later identify Smith from his tattoos located on his lower arm. Aside from the tapes, Smith's own relatives told authorities that he had confessed to them that he had murdered Carlie after having rough sex with her. DNA extracted from Carlie's shirt after she was located matched semen samples from none other than Joseph Smith. Smith's defense attorney's tried to tell the jury that another man was responsible for Carlie's disappearance, but the jury did not buy it. The judge has not imposed his sentence to him. Joseph Smith is facing the possible death penalty for this crime. This is yet another senseless crime committed against a child. Florida now has a new law in place that make it more difficult for sex offenders. This law passed shortly after the disappearance and death of Jessica Lunsford. This law needs to be in place in all of our states. Let's work together to make that happen, and help keep our loved ones safe from these people who obviously do not belong in society.

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