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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sueann Ray - Leslie Adams & Tara Grinstead

This weekend we have been preparing for this court date on Monday, November 14th regarding the personal items of Sueann Ray that are not being returned to her family by her estranged husband. We are to arrive @ the court house at 10:30 a.m. to be escorted in by GBI. Sueann's dad, Danny Jenkins is like a family member to me and my family because we knew him prior to Sueann's disappearance due to the his sister is Heather Teague's mom (another one of my dear sweet mom's of the missing). Sadly we are all pretty close knit these days. I'm nervous for Danny and Sandy because we will have to face the man who is refusing to help us look for Sueann. I know that we can get through this no matter what because we are all strong. For more info on Sueann click HERE
This weekend we were contacted by Leslie Adams' family in Lilburn GA. Leslie has been missing since Oct 23rd. We were connected by Cindy @ AngelsMissing. A person I've never met but have to say she's a very kind person who helps a lot of these total strangers who have missing loved ones. Leslie now has a website that we created and that took a huge weight off my heart knowing that we had helped this girl and her family. I do not like to see anybody missing local and my family not help in some way. We have also put Leslie's family in touch with some other important agencies that can give them more items that we cannot offer, such as rewards etc. Visit Leslie's website here

Several people have asked us about our involvement in the Tara Grinstead case and it's been minimal. Tara has a huge community and group who is doing her website and searches. Her location is pretty far away from us here, so we have not gone to Ocilla to help. As always, we are thinking and watching Tara's case as well as all the others. Visit Tara's Site for more information on her case.


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