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Monday, November 14, 2005

Court with Sueann Ray's Family 11-14-05

This morning I headed to pick up Sueann's dad in the hotel parking lot not knowing what to expect when we made our appearance @ the Gainesville Federal Court. Upon our arrival there were GBI agents allover the place. Security was a huge concern of mine and everybody else but it turned out to be ok. We were greeted with private investigator John Seay and Fox 5 News Atlanta. Later Quinton arrived but we were already seated when he made his appearance. After his statements were taken, he headed out into the lobby and as he headed out, he saluted Danny Jenkins, sitting next to me.

Moments later, Jenkins was out in the lobby talking with Quinton Ray. Ray told him that he wanted things to be like they used to be and wanted them to be friends again. Jenkins' responce was - Take a poloygraph and clear yourself in my daughter's disappearance. Court ended with Quinton Ray leaving the courthouse without turning over the personal items of Sueann to her father. He avoided all questions being thrown at him by the local media.
Photos Shown - Top - Artist rendered sketch of the court hearing today - Sueann's Dad - Danny Jenkins as he speaks to Fox 5 News
Pictured below - Quinton Ray as he attempts to drive away from TV cameras

We were all a little angry and upset that nothing was accomplished and we left the court house. Later Danny called me and said that Quinton had his spokesperson call him and tell him that if he will not pursue any Federal charges against him that tomorrow he can come get all of Sueann's things. I am still not 100% clear on what the final word was on that. We did make note that Quinton refused to make eye contact with Sueann's dad, or any of us. We hope that today's turn of events is indeed a step in the right direction as far as Quinton Ray and his paricipation in this ongoing search for Sueann. You may visit this link for the Fox 5 News broadcast from today.


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