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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Danger On Cruise Ships???

What is happening aboard these luxery cruise ships? Are American citizens in danger while on vacation?
My first questions began with the case of Amy Bradley who was vacationing with her family in March of 1998 when she vanished without a trace. Once the family realized that something terrible had happened, it took the ship more than a day to begin a full scale search. It was almost if the crew took the plea for help as a joke! It is now seven years later and Amy remains missing without a trace. Amy's story is one that is very complex in that there is evidence that Amy's disappearance was related to human trafficking. It is simply unacceptable that a person can become missing on a cruise ship and the family is treated in this fashion.
Next we have the newer case of George Smith IV who was a newly wed who took his honeymoon on a cruise ship. Less than one day into what was supposed to be a happy and memorable time, he became missing without a trace. It is now believed that George was a victim of foul play. Once again, reports are coming in that the cruise liner did not assist in the desperate search. Smith was aboard the same cruise liner - ROYAL CARRIBEAN that Amy Bradley was on when she vanished. This cruise ship has a terrible reputation for not helping these people. Our family has planned cruises previously but we refuse to use Royal because of the things that happened to Amy Bradley, and now George Smith.
It is becoming more and more evident that once US citizens leave our land, we have no rights or protection against violent crimes. I am in full support of Smith's family who is now pushing for a full investigation into the cruise liner and George's disappearance. Something must be done to protect people on these ships.
I think each person who is concerned about these disappearances aboard these ships should begin a letter writing campaign to these cruise liners and demand answers and assistance for George and Amy. There may be others I'm forgetting to include in this blog entry. Regardless of that, these people need to be found and this needs to stop!

(pictured left - Amy Bradley)


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