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Friday, December 30, 2005

What Happened to Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible

On Dec. 30, 1999, authorities were alerted that there was house on fire in Welsh Oklahoma. Upon arrival to the residence, it appeared that this was not just a normal fire. Two people were later found shot to death and there were two teenagers missing. Those teens were Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible.
Who shot Danny and Kathy Freeman and where the girls? This is a question that remains unanswered six years later.
It was first believed in the initial phases of the case that perhaps the two teens were lovers and they murdered the parents and made a getaway. Then there was the pending lawsuit the Freeman family had against some police officials for an accidential shooting of Ashley Freeman's older brother that occurred one year prior to the disappearance. Was this a planned attack?
In late 2004, a suspected serial killer, Jeremy Brian Jones claimed responsibility for the disappearance of Ashley and Lauria. He claimed that a drug deal that went sour led him to the residence on that fateful night. He claimed that he shot Danny and Kathy before taking the two girls. His confession led police to an area where they'd search for Ashley and Lauria. That search turned up nothing. Jones has given police information on several other disappearance and murders in several states. He is not a person who is reliable so whether or not his confession of the Bible/Freeman disappearance is true, may never be known. It is known that Jones was residing less than one mile from the Freeman home when this crime occurred in 1999.
There are more searches planned for Ashley and Lauria. Oklahoma officials want to talk with Jones again. In November of 2005, Jones was setenced to death for an Alabama murder. It is unclear how or if they will be allowed to talk with Jones. Hopefully these two girls can be found and this painful mystery can come to a close.

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