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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Innocent In Prison

Today's blog is an off topic but it relates to two crimes committed so therefore I feel like it does have a place in this blog. Today's blog entry focuses on two men who were actually innocent and put in jail for crimes they did not commit. The first case is that of Kevin Fox whose three year old daughter, Riley Fox became missing from his home after he arrived home from a night out with his brother. Kevin was keeping the children as any father would do while his wife Melissa was at a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk where she stayed overnight out of town. The following morning, Kevin woke up and was unable to find Riley. A massive search was launched that day and later on, Riley was found in a nearby river. Authorities would later blame Kevin for the child's murder and off to jail he went. This is a case where I watched from the sidelines very quietly and I never believed that Kevin Fox harmed the child in any fashion. From what I could see and read, he was not the baby's killer. My group supported Fox but we were not vocal due to the fact it was a sensitive case and many wanted Fox to fry for this crime. Who wouldnt want the person who did this to pay?
Earlier this year, DNA proved that Kevin did not murder Riley. FINALLY my theory was proven. Kevin Fox was not the only man wrongly put in jail in the state of Illinois. In 1988, there was the case of Jaclyn Dowaliby, a very high profile case. Jaclyn vanished from her home in the middle of the night. Her body was later found in a wooded area. The Dowaliby parents were charged with her murder but later aquitted of all charges. Her murder, just like Riley Fox's remains unsolved. Jaclyn's case prompted a book and a made for TV movie called "Gone in the Night".
Kevin Fox is now a free man and what was once a plea for help to prove that he was not guilty has now been redone to find out who did this to Riley.
The next man who has been put in jail for a crime he did not commit was Clarence Elkins. Clarence before his arrest for murdering his mother-in-law and supposidly raping his neice, was not a model husband. He had a history of drinking and sometimes being a jerk. Clarence spent seven years behind bars for a murder and rape he did not commit. It never seemed to fit that he'd go out for a night of drinking and decide to go to his mother-in-law's house that he did not get along with anyway. The child who testified against him was too young to be on the stand, and later recanted her statement. The whole case was a train wreck from the beginning. Just a week ago, DNA exonerated Clarence of these charges and he was able to leave a place where most of the people there really need to be. He is now back at home with his family. Clarence will be compensated for his time in prison and he should be. He did not belong there. The man who actually committed the crimes will be charged shortly.
There are so many men in prison who are innocent. There are so many who are right where they need to be. There are so many obvious reasons as to how they landed there. The cases which are NOT legit are usually the ones where nothing positive is being done to help free the inmate. It's always something bashing the victim or some assanine statement such as with the Peterson case.... Scott Peterson only dated Amber Frey four times. Ok, what the hell does that have to do with him murdering Laci? One date, two dates, three, how many would it take? You can usually spot the legit cases and the wishing it weren't true ones.
Lots of people think that our group only supports killing men who commit crimes against women and children, and that's not true. I do believe in the death penalty and those who do not, might change their view on that issue had someone they love be brutally murdered. I do believe in innocence of some of these men behind bars. Maybe they wouldnt, and to each it's own.
I feel for Kevin Fox and Clarence Elkins. You two are no longer having to sleep in that hell hole with those real murderer. I hope that in some fashion, they can have a normal and happy life. As for the others, admit what you did, ask God to forgive you and leave it at that. If you want to get technical, "Vengence is mine, sayeth the Lord".

AETV will be airing the segment regarding the case of Clarence Elkins on several nights in the coming days. Please see the show times below.
What the Girl Saw. Tuesday, December 27 @ 8pm ET/PT AMERICAN JUSTICEĀ® What the Girl Saw. Wednesday, December 28 @ 12am ET/PT AMERICAN JUSTICEĀ® What the Girl Saw. Tuesday, January 3 @ 12pm ET/PT AMERICAN JUSTICEĀ® What the Girl Saw. Tuesday, January 3 @ 6pm ET/PT

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