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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Suspect in Kristin Smart Disappearance in Trouble Again

Ten years ago this coming May 2006, Kristin Smart attended an off campus party where she’d never return home again. Kristin was last seen with a young man named Paul Flores. Flores has not cooperated in any shape or form since the disappearance of Kristin. He has been the only suspect from the very beginning. In the days shortly after Kristin’s disappearance, a cadaver sniffing dog alerted inside the apartment of Paul Flores. Not long after this indication, Paul’s family retained legal counsel and he was allowed to move from the campus with no further questions asked.

Kristin’s disappearance was one that not taken lightly by many in the community in San Luis Obispo, California. Her name has appeared in various broadcasts about others who have become missing in that area. All wondering if there was a connection, but later ruled out because Paul Flores was the only one, and the fact the others would later have a known suspect. A suspect that later was brought to justice, unlike Kristin Smart’s murderer.

A dear friend of mine, Dennis Mahon and crusader for Kristin Smart gave me the news last night that Paul Flores has had yet another brush with the authorities. Dennis Mahon has traveled to the West coast on several occasions, searching for answers as to where Kristin Smart is believed to be hidden. It is Dennis’ observation and that of Denise and Stan Smart (Kristin’s parents) that Kristin died either at the party or afterwards, and her body was disposed of by Paul Flores and his family. They go on to say that there is a high probability that her remains are located underneath a concrete slab poured the very next day on the Flores property after Kristin vanished.

Police have been under great scrutiny for calling off an excavation of that property a few years back. The incomplete excavation has possibly left Kristin forever alone, and never to be found for a proper burial because of police mishandling. Another fact remains about the family of Paul Flores. They refuse to move from the house, nor let police any where near them. This leaves us to wonder what all they are hiding.

My mother and I traveled all the way to San Luis Obispo, California last year to support the community rally that asked for an excavation of the Flores property. Some people thought we were nuts to go this far, but I had a mission. I believe that diligence and determination is what brings justice often times for these people who have fallen victim to a crime. We sat through the court hearing with Dennis and the Flores. I was there when the judge felt as if Dennis and the Smarts were terrorizing the Flores by asking for answers, and when they took Dennis to jail.
I then drove his car down a freeway on the other side of the United States to make the plans to carry out this rally without the leader. We did it and it was one of the best and most memorable trips I’ve ever made.

The point of this, is that it is simply unacceptable that Paul Flores is allowed to roam the streets. He has been arrested numerous times since the disappearance of Kristin. What young woman will be his next victim? What will it take before the police finally indict this person and bring him to justice?
If we can arrest a man who is pushing for answers for a victim who no longer has a voice and we can file a law suit saying that we’ve caused them pain and suffering because of a website and public outcry. What do we do and say for Kristin whose family has had to lie down every single night since May of 1996 not knowing where she is or if she’ll ever be home?
What does that say about our justice system? I was not surprised to hear Flores has been arrested again. The one arrest I wait to hear about is the one for which he is indicted for the disappearance and murder of Kristin Smart. With the grace of God, that will happen SOON.

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