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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mystery Returns to Burnt House in Ocilla, GA

Soon after the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a house burnt to the ground, along with an SUV owned by an aquaintance of Tara Grinstead and her ex-boyfriend. There have been many questions and many conversations about what they believe what really caused that fire at the house and if it was related to Tara. How could a bacon grease fire cause a house and a SUV due to be turned back into the dealership in a few days to burn up completely?
Texas Equusearch wanted the whole farm area combed with a fine tooth comb near the house that went down in the fire. Over four groups combed the whole area throughout the day on Saturday and would return to another point of interest on Sunday. The search would begin about 9 a.m. and run till late evening. Every shred of the property was searched, as well as a pond.
The pond was said to have had alligators swimming around the search crew had difficulty getting the boat into the water due to the rough terrain. Some people believe that if Tara was in the house that burnt down that she would definetely not be anywhere on the farm that she'd be taken elsewhere. Some people believe that she's somewhere nearby. It is now pretty much clear to everyone that something terrible happened to Tara on or about October 23rd. There are a lot of determined people in South GA and some of us In Northwest GA that will return each time Texas Equusearch calls us in. We know that what happened was not right and it's our civic duty to assist and help conclude this mystery.
I expect to be traveling back to Ocilla within three weeks to begin another search for Tara. The drive is approximately 3 1/2 hours for my family as we trek down I-75 South.
I have concerns that the next time it will be even warmer and we could be faced with even more of those 6 foot rattlesnakes like we ran into this last go around. Those things are very unpleasant!
This weekend has taken a lot of my group. We are partly tired from the search and mentally drained from the past weeks with the situation with Patrice. At every search we attend, we always have Carrie's button on our clothing somewhere because she is the reason we are doing what we do. The command post in Ocilla has Carrie's flier up on the door and her story has prompted many of the searchers to ask about her case. Her presence will always be there @ everything we do. Carrie's flier along with Rachel Cooke, Sueann Ray, Heather Teague, and Natalee Holloway are posted alongside Tara in the Tara Command Center. We all have a mission. That is to find our missing people and to help others as we wait.
Texas Equusearch will be in Ocilla this week conducting more work on the Tara Grinstead case. Tim Miller was not present this weekend. He was @ home resting (I hear) because he just came back in from Aruba conducting another in depth search for Natalee. They have such a great group who will keep working until something is resolved. I believe we will find Tara sooner or later. God bless all of the wonderful people who came down to help us search for Tara. People who drove from far away places and donated their time that they could've been @ at ballgame or mall to help find a missing woman. I always feel like I'm @ home with all these people when we roll into town. Let's not forget about Tara. She needs to be brought home.

Additional Photos from the Search


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