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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Made for TV Movie About A Missing Person

Today I was thinking of what I should write in this blog because on the weekends I always try to have something. The work week can sometimes be hectic and I dont post as much as I should.
With that being said, I wanted to talk about a movie that came on Lifetime TV that dealt with a family having a missing loved one and their actions to bring him back home.

In 1985 there was a movie called "Into Thin Air" that starred Tate Donovan who played "Brian Walker" and he was headed from his home in Canada to Colorado to attend college. While he was in route, his van broke down and he needed assistance. Somehow he crossed paths with two men who offered him assistance. He was never seen nor heard from again. After a few days, his mother began very concerned and tried calling police. The police assured her that he probably went out partying and he'd be at school shortly. He never arrived. The police were reluctant to help so the family bascially began their own investigation hiring a private investigator.
The end of this movie is that they found "Brian" had been offered help if he'd give these two gentleman a ride and that ride became murder. They dumped "Brian's" body in a nearby river after he was stabbed to death and they went on a joyride with his van before setting it on fire. After the family finally found out what happened to him, they had to endure another three years before his body was released to them for burial. The movie was so much like what I see and hear every day with families who are dealing with this type of thing.

I have tried to find out who the real "Brian" was who became this victim that this movie was based on. It is highly possible that names were changed for the movie as they often do. There is barely any information about the movie let alone any information about the person who the movie was made about. I think our media needs to have more movies and shows that show these types of things to show the community what most of these families have to go through in order to get help finding their loved ones. If anything, it will possibly gain interest on this growing problem and possibly get more people involved. It's been proven that people are highly influenced by what they see and hear on TV.

You can often find this movie in discount stores or on Ebay. Sometimes it will come on Lifetime. If you have not seen this, it's a pretty good movie. I've had this on VHS since I was like 17. It is in collection of things about missing people. If anyone knows the real person depicted in the movie and more about this case, please email me. I'd like to include this person on our forum.

Here is a movie summary below:
Ellen Burstyn stars as the Canadian mother of a college student who vanishes mysteriously while driving back to school in the states. After having no luck from the police, she hires a private detective (Robert Prosky) to help her. Their tenacious pursuit of clues uncovers the grim details of her sons fate, leading to a shocking climax.

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