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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Book Review - For Laci (By Sharon Rocha)

My posts have been scarce this week because I've read two books. My family has followed the Laci Peterson case from the very beginning and each book that came out, we've read. After reading Blood Brother, Witness, and A Deadly Game, it was time to get to the last two. Those being For Laci and one I wish I had my $25 back on, Presumed Guilty.

Against my better judgment while in the bookstore about 4 days before the release of For Laci, I picked up what was one of the most ridiculous and fantasy based books I've ever read. Despite what some people think, I have tried to view all evidence and information from the Peterson case because in the first part of the case, I wondered if people were being too harsh on Scott Peterson and maybe he was just a typical self centered man who went fishing while Laci was at home pregnant. It was far from that.
Inside this Presumed Guilty book, the revelations of a kidnapping by people in a van and these people who broke into the house across the street, had no link whatsoever to Laci's disappearance. These sightings of Laci were like sightings of Elvis, they simply did not happen. I brought this on myself for even buying that book. I was apalled and disgusted at the gobbly gook this man wants the public to believe about what really happened to Laci and her unborn child.

A few days later I was able to purchase what I should've read in the beginning - For Laci. Inside is not only the information that many of us read in A Deadly Game, it gave first hand account of how Sharon Rocha notices the incosistent statements and lies by her once trusted son-in-law. The descriptions of her searches and the day she was finally able to say goodbye to Laci was very hard to read, and very sad.
There were so many things that Scott Peterson lied about and to go ahead and take an unborn baby's life is just about as low as you can go. The way Lee and Jackie acted is typical of people who want to believe in the fact their child is not capable of something so heinous and their efforts to aggrivate and intimidate the victim's family. I've never understood what motivates people to act like that, because it shows that there is obviously something that they dont want the world to know and it sends many red flags, as if there were not enough already.
I have to say that I believe the jury made the best decision when they sentenced Scott Peterson to death. He planned and carried out the murder of his wife and the baby who never had a chance to even come into this world, let alone make anybody angry. For that reason, I hope that Scott Peterson is tormented every day that he continues to live with the thoughts of what he did to Laci. I hope that when his eyes close and he leaves this world that he opens them in hell, right where he belongs. This is one man who is not only a coward, he's pure evil.

If you haven't already, make sure you pick up Sharon's book "For Laci". Make sure you have a box of tissues as you begin reading.



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