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Friday, January 13, 2006

Psychic Tip Not Helpful In Search for Leslie Adams

Earlier this week, on Leslie Adams' website a tip came into Leslie's website that there was a map created by a psychic (name withheld) that needed to be forwarded to the police department. The map was an area that the psychic believed that Leslie Adams could be located. The information was forwarded to Det. Head with the Gwinnett County Police Dept. A search was conducted the very next day in that area with the cadaver dogs. The search ended up with no answers or any location of Leslie.
The person who sent in this tip has worked with several families of the missing and many of us are familiar with this individual. While often times their information is things that only certain people could know, I often wonder if some of their energy is sparked by news articles and things I post on these sites? I am not a believer in psychics or mediums. I have not seen anything to conclude that any missing person has been brought home from one of these people. I watch the Psychic Detective shows and I must be missing something because I cannot see where these people have solved any of the cases. I think maybe one or two of them describe something that ends up being related to the case, but it's all so vague to me.

I have always tried to keep and open mind about things but I just DONT believe in their abilities. Several families have asked me to tell them what I think about situations like this and should they work with these people. I tell them that when working one of these cases I do not exclude any tip we get if we can determine it's not some lunatic trying to get attention, which sometimes is the case. I always tell them that I'd listen and think quietly to myself about what they were saying and NEVER give them any money. If I began to feel uncomfortable or I did not want to hear anymore, I'd discontinue communication with them.
I feel like these cases are in God's hands and when God is ready for us to have the information then it will present itself, for example Patrice's case. I know that my beliefs are probably different from other peoples and that's why it's called an opinion, but I cannot see the grey area in most things in life. It's pretty cut and dried.
Leslie's family was glad that the psychic was wrong because if they had been right then, Leslie would've been found deceased in a wooded area. This allows them to continue to have hope that Leslie is out there alive somewhere and will return home safe.
Also, this week, Leslie's boyfriend was questioned again regarding her disappearance. He claims to know nothing about Leslie's disappearance, although Leslie took out a restraining order against him just days before she vanished. This leaves many of us to speculate on his involvement. We all will continue to wait and wonder where Leslie is.

For more information on the case of Leslie Adams, visit her website below:
Find Leslie Adams


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