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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Innocence Lost - The Murder of Taylor Behl

Taylor Behl had just graduated from high school and was headed to college. She had so many great things ahead of her, and so much to learn. That was until she crossed paths with a man named Ben Fawley. Ben was a 38 year old amateur photographer who had some strange taste in his work. Somewhere along the way, Taylor began a sexual relationship with Fawley that would later end.
On Labor Day weekend of 2005, Taylor logged onto her computer and then simply vanished off the face of the earth. What happened to her?
It would be about a month later when Taylor’s remains were found in a shallow grave near Ben Fawley’s ex-girlfriend’s house. The apparent cause of death was asphyxiation. It was not long until Ben Fawley was arrested on an unrelated charge, but everyone knew that police wanted to question him in Taylor’s disappearance now murder. He would later tell authorities that he had been having rough sex with Taylor and she died. Hardly believable, it would take from early October of 2005 until January 2006 for a grand jury to indict Fawley for the murder of Taylor Behl.

Taylor Behl’s death is another example of a young woman who was murdered by a person with some serious problems. This is becoming something very common and that’s not good. What can our country do to cut down on the senseless murders of young women? In my mind, Ben Fawley was a sexual predator. These people must be stopped.

I blame a lot of these attacks and sexual predators on pornography. It is proven that some people cannot process the material they are viewing and it fuels uncontrollable desires, and rage that often escalates into murder against an unwilling party. How do we distinguish between fantasy and reality? How do we cut down on the availability of this type of material that degrades women in so many ways? When do we say enough is enough?
I do not believe we should live in a country that tells us when to go outside, but we need stiffer penalties for these types of people. We need penalties that can carry longer sentences for downloading child porn, or anything that sexually violates another individual. Taylor Behl is another example of a young woman whose innocence was lost at the hands of someone she trusted. We must stand up and stop these perverts. Contact your legislature today and ask for these changes. Your voice counts!

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