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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Can Dr. Lee Solve the Missing Groom Case?

On Monday, Dr. Henry Lee boarded the Royal Carribean cruise ship where George Smith IV vanished on his honeymoon. As many of you will recall, Dr. Lee was made known to most by his work with the OJ Simpson case over ten years ago. Just weeks ago, A Current Affair revealed photos of blood that was supposidly cleaned off a balcony overhang before Turkish officials arrived to make an assessment.
It appears that something sinister happened on the night George vanished after spending time with his wife at the cruiseship bar.

The cruise liner has been under great scrutiny for their actions shortly after it was discovered George was missing. In the beginning of this investigation, they were only going to allow Dr. Lee to have two hours on board the ship to conduct his analysis, but later changed the time limit. This leaves many people to wonder why you'd want to put a time limit on something this important. Royal Carribean also denied Dr. Lee several of his needed tests, one of which included a mannequin that was the same size as George Smith.

Dr. Lee claims that he did find some information but cannot reveal it's origin at this time. This leaves many of us to have a positive outlook on the chances that answers can be found for what really happened to George that fateful night. I feel like some vital information was destroyed and may never be retrieved. I would not put a family member of mine nor myself aboard one of the Royal Carribean ships. They have proven to me that the occupants and their safety are not at the top of their priority list. They seem to show hardly any interest or make any efforts to jump start this investigation. It's plain out ridiculous and an outrage that a man can vanish off a ship and nothing is being done to look for him or to find out who murdered him (because I believe George was murdered).
This story is one that is far from being over. I hope that the family of George Smith IV continues to press for answers and furthermore, I hope they sue Royal Carribean. It would thrill me to see the cruise liner go bankrupt. You do not treat people in this manner and a business like this is one that needs to be gone. My thoughts and prayers are with George's family and Dr. Henry Lee. I have full faith that if there was any information left in that state room that he found it and he can help bring some type of information to the family who has lost a handsome young man that had a life full of promises.

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