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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Remembering Carrie On Her 32nd Birthday 1-31-06

Today would be Carrie Culberson’s 32nd birthday. Carrie is not celebrating that birthday because she died on August 28, 1996. Although birthdays are no longer celebrated, they are never forgotten.
Nobody ever forgets how old she would be, and where Carrie could be in her life now if it was not taken away that fateful night. Would Carrie be married by now, would she be a mom, or would she still be doing nails? These are things we will never know and we know why.
We always recognize Carrie on her birthday because she’s the meaning behind all the things that my group does now to help victims. I feel like Carrie would want us to remember her with happiness and not with sorrow. Sometimes that is hard to do.

I never knew Carrie personally, but her case was the one that changed my life and my focus all together. We have all trusted somebody and probably all fallen for the wrong person a time or two. Most of us were fortunate to get away from a life threatening situation. Carrie was a young woman with a life full of promises. She put her trust in somebody who ended up taking her life away. They’ve taken away so many things that should’ve been celebrated with Carrie’s family, such as her birthday today.
What’s done is done, but by keeping Carrie’s memory alive, she lives on in our hearts and minds, free from pain and suffering.

How it must feel to look back on a split decision but have no remorse? How does it feel to carry that around deep inside forever? Do you ask for God to forgive in the private side of your mind? Have you created your own private hell?

It has become my burden to show as many young women Carrie Culberson and what happened to her because of domestic violence. I along with many others want Carrie’s body to be found so this chapter can conclude. Nobody should have to lie down at night thinking of some cold dark place where their loved one is. They should be able to go to their loved ones grave to grieve but Carrie’s family cannot.

I know that someday when God is ready, he will reveal Carrie’s location, just as he did with Patrice. I also know that for those who tried, convicted, and executed Carrie that August night will be held accountable for the things they’ve done. All we’ve ever wanted was to find Carrie and bring her home. That is something that we will never stop doing. What happened to her was cruel and wrong. A miracle will replace this tragedy.

This entry is dedicated to Carrie Culberson on her birthday. May God bless her and hold her in his loving arms where she will hurt no more. Someday the earthly body she shed on August 28, 1996 will be found and brought back home.

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