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Monday, January 30, 2006

Special Mom - Special Purpose

Today I wanted to write about a special mom because not only is she special, it’s her birthday today. That person is Debbie Culberson. She is Carrie Culberson’s mother and so much to so many others as well.

Many people remember Debbie as the voice for justice when Carrie vanished nearly 10 years ago. She refused to allow the community to forget or allow Carrie not to have justice. This is something she has never stopped doing, even after those responsible for Carrie’s disappearance and murder were put away.

In the years after Carrie vanished, Debbie has began a new crusade that can not only help find her daughter, but to help many others. She was doing this through what is called a DNA Initiative. If you are unfamiliar with the DNA Initiative, it’s very simple to understand. The mandate would make all human remains found to have to be put into a national database where they could be possibly matched. This would help families of those missing be able to put a name with remains that could be sitting on a shelf in a coroner’s office. It would also help bring that loved one home and have them put to rest in a proper burial.

Every day, there are so many human remains are found, but nobody knows who they belong to. Somewhere out there, there is a family who still holds out hope but has no idea where their loved one is. This is something that difficult to think about, but it is happening.

Debbie Culberson has assisted other families of those missing in the last year. Those included but not limited to, the mother of Jessica Lunsford who resides in Ohio. She has also worked closely with the family of eight year old Erica Baker who has been missing since 1999 from Dayton, Ohio. Debbie knows first hand what it’s like to have a missing loved one.
She also knows first hand about finding justice without a body. Carrie’s case has captivated the hearts of so many (including mine). It has also given so many families hope that they can bring justice although the hopes of finding their loved one are slim.

If you could find an example of turning a tragedy into something positive, I believe it would be Debbie Culberson. There is one thing that I know for sure about her. She will not give up finding Carrie, no matter how long it takes. Her determination and positive outlook on this situation has given so many people hope. I think what she’s done in Carrie’s name is wonderful.

I wanted our community to know what a great person Debbie Culberson is. Hoping she has the best birthday today and that she can have the one wish that I know she has, and that’s to find Carrie.

Today's blog entry is dedicated to Debbie Culberson and her daughter Carrie.


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