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Sunday, January 29, 2006

What Happened To Jeffrey?

Jeffrey Ben vanished after a one car accident on Jan. 29, 2001 in Antlers, Oklahoma. The accident was so small that it was not one that caused any concern in the beginning. Everyone assumed that Jeffrey was nearby but he wasn't.
Jeffrey was from a very small town and it was apparent that their police department was not equipped to handle a missing person case, when it happened. It is believed that Jeffrey vanished after he accidently died out with some nearby aquaintances that fateful night. It is also believed that those people have covered up an accident and tampering with evidence.
Since Jeffrey's disappearance, his mother has searched for him and she has sought answers for what might have gone wrong that night. It is now five years later and Jeffrey has not come home. Someone knows where he is and they are not offering any details as to his location. That is what makes this case so difficult and baffling.
I met Jeffrey's mom, Linda Miller approximately a year and a half ago through another mom of a missing child, Sarah Teague. Sarah and Linda have been very close because they share the burden of a missing child. Linda came to the Cue Center for Missing Round Table Conference last year and we finally met in person. Linda wants to find Jeffrey and bring him back home. She states that her life has changed dramatically since he vanished. She's looked in places that a mom should never be looking for a child, but she refuses to give up. (Linda is pictured third from left on the back row)
Each year Linda has a vigil for Jeffrey in Antlers, Oklahoma. She says that she wants the community to know that she is not giving up on finding out what happened to Jeffrey.
Jeffrey has a smile that you always remember. He looks like a wonderful person to have as a friend. Jeffrey had so many things to look forward to. Something has happened to him. He would not leave without telling anyone where he is. It is my hope that Linda can find her son and that answers can finally be found.
Today my thoughts are with Linda Miller and her family. I know that Jeffrey is loved by so many people. Praying that Jeffrey will be found soon. There is no love like a mother's love. I believe that love will bring him home.

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