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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stacey Lannert - A Victim or Not?

July 4, 1990, 18 year old Stacey Lannert shot her father, Tom Lannert to death as he slept on the couch. She claimed that she killed him because she'd had enough of the repeated sexual abuse that had began when she was only eight years old.
Stacey claimed that her mother, Deborah knew that the abuse was going on but was unable to stop it. A victim herself, Deborah Lannert, would later claim, she had no idea her daughter was being abused by Tom. Leaving many people to wonder how someone who was a victim of the same thing could not see the crime being committed on their own child? Perhaps the crime wasn't able to be seen because it was not happening?

Later Stacey's parents Tom and Deborah would divorce but Stacey remained with her father Tom who was supposidly abusing her time and time again. She'd remain with him until she turned 18 and killed him.

As someone who has great sympathy for those who have been victimized by sexual predators, I know that my personal thoughts on this case may not be welcomed by everyone and that's fine. I have some serious doubts about the truth of Stacey's case because of these facts below. While I recognize I've never been sexually assaulted by a family member and I do not know how I'd react, I do question this behavior and wonder why only after a life sentence was handed down did this dispute come into play.

  1. We know that Stacey Lannert went to at least one stranger previously and told them she was being sexually assaulted by her father as a youth. She'd later claim after her conviction that she never brought up the motive to kill her dad was because he'd raped her time and time again. She went on to say that she never brought this up because she did not trust any family member NOR stranger to talk to them about it before or during the trial - WHICH may have swayed the jury to lessen the sentence. If she'd gone to a stranger previously, couldn't she speak to the DA's office, attorney representing her, or other individual unrelated to the case about whey she murdered her dad as some sort of self defense? Or was it only after she was staring at a life sentence did she see this as a way to possibly get a good appeal?
  2. If you are being sexually abused by someone, and you are legally able to move from the household, why would you continue living there, putting yourself in harms way? Stacey was 18 years old not 13 or 14 when the crime occured.

I do not believe Stacey Lannert's story of being a victim. I have some trouble with the money that was taken from Tom Lannert's account that it's known Stacey took. If I had been sexually assaulted, the last thing I'd wanna do is anger the man who'd come after me even more. This story does not pass the smell test with me. I'm sorry if I have offended someone but in my opinion, this woman needs to remain behind bars because she is a cold blooded killer. If there was a rape occuring over and over again, it was time to move out, go to the police, have him arrested, make him pay, and stand up and help others. You can make a right decision out of something bad. I'm sorry but I have no sympathy for Stacey Lannert or her dad.


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