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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Who Murdered Brandon Glenn???

Brandon Glenn was a young man who had a difficult life. His family were very poor and unable to hold down a job. Brandon found himself having to quit school at 17 to help his father make ends meet. It was a time when Brandon should've been participating in school events, and mingling with friends, but he chose to give that up to help his family.
A kind hearted young man who wanted to help others. Someone wanted to take away on June 4, 2002.
Brandon's body was found in an alley near his home. He had been shot to death by an unknown assailant. Who would want to end his life and why?
It was later learned that Brandon had been seeing an emotionally unstable girl that was known by only her first name "Tammeron". Brandon had cut all ties to Tammeron shortly before his death.
After Brandon's murder, this girl was never seen nor heard from again. It is believed she has some information regarding the death of Brandon Glenn. Unfortunately there is no photograph of Tammeron to post on this blog for others to look at.

Brandon's story broke my heart when I saw it a few years back. I felt as if there had to be someone I could do to help him. It was like this young man had no voice and that was totally unfair.

Brandon's life was simple but it was important. He was not given the same things most young people were able to have. Someone needs to pay for what happened to him that fateful night. If you get a chance, please take a look at his website we created for him a while back. Leave him a message or some flowers at his memorial at Find-A-Grave. Let's remember Brandon Glenn on this anniversary of his death. May justice be found soon.

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