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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blood Evidence - The Disappearance of Scott Dunn

It was May 16, 1991 when Roger "Scott" Dunn vanished without a trace. It would be nearly two weeks before his family would be made aware of this. Scott was living in Lubbock, Texas, separate from his family.
Scott's father, James Dunn would receive a midnight phone call from a girl who claimed to be Scott's girlfriend. Her name is Leisha Hamilton and she has a questionable past, even before the mystery of Scott's disappearance began. Leisha Hamilton would tell Scott's dad that she was unable to find Scott after leaving him home to rest because he was sick. She claimed that after she returned from her job that Scott was not at the apartment and has yet to return. Pressing Leisha for more information regarding his son's whereabouts, James Dunn began to notice that Leisha's demeanor changed. This was only the beginning of a long road of lies and deceit.
After a missing person report was filed by Scott's family, authorities would visit the apartment Scott had been sharing with Leisha Hamilton. What they found was disturbing. It appeared that carpet had been cut and patched up with duct tape. Beneath the duct taped carpet, the floor had dark red stains, and they appeared to be blood. When questioned further about the carpet and the stains, Leisha Hamilton claimed to have never noticed them, although the dishelved carpet was very obvious. Leisha was more concerned about who was going to take Scott's vehicle, more than finding Scott.

Further testing with Luminol would reveal that someone in the bedroom where Scott Dunn was last known to have been suffered a violent attack. There was blood spatter on the walls and ceiling. Although it had been cleaned up, the Luminol told a more sinister tale. Months later, the blood found in the room was determined to be Scott Dunn's and the amount found was said to be more than any human being could lose without dieing.

Scott's parents would later learn that Leisha Hamilton was seeing another man named Timothy James Smith who lived in the same apartment complex at the same time she was seeing Scott Dunn. Letters would reveal that Smith was deeply in love with Leisha Hamilton and he felt as if Scott Dunn was coming in between their future.

With all this information and it being clear that Scott was more than likely murdered, justice had to be found for those responsible, and Scott's body had to be recovered. It would take nearly six years before Leisha Hamilton was arrested and charged with Scott Dunn's murder. Subsequently, her boyfriend, Timothy James Smith was arrested shortly thereafter. A jury would find Leisha Hamilton GUILTY of murdering Scott Dunn. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Sadly, Timothy James Smith was found GUILTY as well, but due to the fact he had no prior criminal record, the jury allowed him to walk out with 10 years probation. To date, Scott Dunn's body has never been found.

Scott's dad, wrote a book regarding his son's disappearance and murder. He wants the world to know about what their family went through trying to find Scott and trying to find some justice for him. The Dunn family still continue to search for Scott's body to give him a proper burial. There is an empty grave in Lubbock Texas that belongs to Scott, although he's not there.

I had the opportunity to meet James Dunn at the CUE Center for the Missing conference this past March. He's a great dad but he's broken. He needs to find his son. Something I will never understand is how people can hold something like that in forever. Just call in a tip and give us what we need to find them.

On May 16th, Scott's family will endure another anniversary since Scott vanished. Some agencies have Scott listed as missing on the 31st, but it was the 16th when this nightmare began for the Dunn family.

On Tuesday, May 16th, AETV will be reairing the segment regarding Scott's case. Everyone should watch it if they have some extra time. I also recommend "Trail of Blood" By James Dunn. It is a full account of the case and a father's search.

I'll always remember Scott and hope that he too can be found.

AETV will Reair Blood Trail on Cold Case Files @ 1 PM EST and again @ 6 PM EST on Tuesday, May 16, 2006.

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