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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Unpleasant Psychic Experience With Sueann Ray Case

I have edited this post to reflect that we had two separate incidents involving a psychics regarding Sueann Ray's case. We have had more than one person advise us of material pertaining to the case, and not all of them were unpleasant. I'd like to make that known to the person who I believe sincerely tried to assist us. That previous post was too vauge and unfair to this person who may have read the material, as I believe they had sincere hopes of locating Sueann.

When Sueann Ray vanished in late August 26, 2005, her family was double devastated. Sueann vanished on the 10th anniversary of her first cousin, Heather Teague. How on earth could this happen two times in family?

Shortly after Sueann's case made national attention and her website came up, psychics appeared from everywhere. I was then asked what do you think we should do? My answer was always I dont think you should but if you want to, I support your decision - just be aware... This one particular person contacted us right off the bat and claimed they had information that could lead us to Sueann but we had to move FAST. There was no charge, we just had to sit there and listen to their information (a nice word to describe it) or she could call Sgt. King with the Woodstock Police. In her report she had a series of about 40 words she'd put together and we were to figure out how they were linked to Sueann. She then went on to tell us that Sueann was dead and that she sustained a horrible attack from her estranged husband before she died. Going into detail, describing how he'd raped Sueann, kicked her and punched her, it was more than one person could take. She then went on to tell us how Sueann and told her from the other side how bad her leg and back was hurting. I felt by blood boiling. If Sueann could tell her that, why couldn't she tell us where she was?

Driving down the road searching for Sueann on countless occasions, all we could mentally picture was Sueann being helpless, injured and then ultimately murdered. What IF it was true. Were we moving too slow, or was it already too late?
It gets worse.

A few months into Sueann's disappearance, we couldn't take it anymore. We told the psychics contacting us, "if you are real, tell me the exact location of Sueann's body and the winning lottery numbers". Getting no responce to the second question, we were told that if we'd pay one of individuals way to Georgia then they could pinpoint her location. The family put them on a plane to Georgia and here's what happened....

The two separate visits did not uncover any valuable information, leaving us not only frustrated but angry that we had tried to take this route.

Little did we know that in less than one week Georgia Bureau of Investigation cracked Sueann's case wide open. They found our Sueann on property adjoining her estranged husband's property. The information regarding Sueann's abuse and disappearance had been televised and posted allover the Internet. These people took that information and added to it, victimized the family and angered me as the advocate helping the family.

I later saw a few reports where this person gone back home and told others that they'd cracked Sueann's case and this was not true, therefore we had to show this to the media people and others who'd heard that ridiculous claim. Police found Sueann, NOT psychics.

I have always tried to keep and open mind about these types of things and I've watched all of the shows that come on Court TV. I have never seen one epidsode that was clear cut - to the point. I have tried to watch Slyvia Brown as well. As some other agencies and blogs are reporting, this woman has never cracked a missing person case. What is she doing on tv? That woman needs to be taken OFF tv and put under one of those tents at the fair.

I can think of four families who have been on her show and have received no satisfaction. One mother in particular collapsed and had to be taken off the stage when Slyvia described her daughter's murder. We don't know if Erica Fraysure is "dead", she remains MISSING. She told one family she had no time to speak with them, but her son could for half price. Pretty sad if you ask me.

There's a very ugly side to losing somebody you love. It does not always lie within the facts of what may have happened to them physically, but the mental anguish their family suffers who has been left behind.

There are some states where psychics are illegal. I think families need to become aware of this problem and if they encounter a person like I'm reading online from others, you should contact your Better Business Bureau and report them. You'd need to find out where they live to file the complaint, but if they are set up shop, charging people for stuff that's false, they could get in trouble. To me they are just as guilty as the people who abduct and harm loved ones.

Tomorrow we will be back in a Pickens County Court for Quinton Ray's arraignment hearing. Sueann has been on my mind a lot in the last few days because this past Sunday (April 9, 2006) would've been her 27th birthday. We've been through thick and thin with Sueann's case. One thing remains though. Put your trust in God, and not in others. You will find the answers necessary when God is ready.

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