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Friday, April 07, 2006

Helping Identify Missing Loved Ones

Today inside my inbox a friend of mine forwarded me an article about someone who I consider a friend and wonderful person. That person was Todd Matthews that many people know of from Project Edan and the Doe Network.

His major ground breaking case was that of Barbara Taylor Hackman(a.k.a., the Tent Girl) who had been missing since 1967. Todd learned of her case many years later from his father in-law who had found her body. For some reason, Todd became obcessed with finding out the key to this mystery. He spent countless hours online working on every possible lead to help find out who she was, and it paid off. After making the connection some ten years later with authorities, and the missing woman's family, Barbara was identified. It is still unknown what exactly caused her death.

Todd didn't stop with this one case, he started to do more. He claims that The Tent Girl was his life fulfilling moment and it changed him. Most people would not waste ten years on one thing, and that's where Todd stands out from the rest of the world in my opinion. Todd is head of several websites that assist with identifying people who are missing or murdered. One of the most known sites, is Project Edan. Edan stands for "Everyone Deserves a Name".
Edan and the Doe Network have many volunteers who work to help identify missing and murdered loved ones and compliment law enforcement in solving cold cases. I do not call them volunteers, I call them angels from above.

If you get some extra time, you should visit a couple of the websites linked to Todd Matthews. His work and dedication is very obvious. If you don't know him, you should. We need to clone him so that we can have more dedicated workers in this field of helping those missing and murdered. I'm so very proud of him for all the wonderful things he has done and continues to do.
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