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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Waiting For Word on Jeffrey

On Jan. 29, 2001, Jeffrey Ben disappeared without a trace. There have been few clues since he vanished. The five year anniversary has just passed since that terrible night. Just last week human remains were found near the area where Jeffrey was last seen. Could it be him? I've come to hold his mother, Linda Miller close to my heart since I met her at the 2005 CUE Center Conference. I had known of her through Sarah Teague (mother of missing Heather Teague).
None of us can understand what went wrong that night Jeffrey vanished and we are all left to wonder.

Anyone who visits Jeffrey's website, can see what a handsome young man he was or still is, wherever he may be. Linda tells me it will be today or tomorrow before there are results to determine if it's Jeffrey. The last four days have been hell for me as I know it has been for his family. I want to know if it's Jeffrey, or if it's one of the other two men who became missing at the same time Jeffrey did.
One thing I will never fully understand is how these people keep vanishing with no answers, no nothing.
I dont know if we will be satisified with the findings, no matter what they are. I just know that a part of me would be happy to know he's be found and he no longer is waiting for someone to find him. As with all things in this life, everything is in God's timing. Maybe it is time for us to have answers. I will wait patiently for Linda to call me. Jeffrey, I have not forgotten about you and if this is not you, we will wait, no matter how long it may take.

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