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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Visiting Sueann's Temporary Resting Place

On Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, I met with Sueann's family, and the film crew to visit Sueann's gravesite before we headed to a Pickens County court. Several of us walked through the damp and muddy woods searching for the site. We found an area that appeared to be easy to walk up and headed in that direction. A little ahead of me was Sueann's sister, Sandy. Sandy found the uncovered mound of dirt where her sister had been hidden for 164 long days. The rest of us came in behind her. As everyone gathered, a silence fell across the woods like nothing I've ever witnessed before. I felt a cold tear fall down my cheek and I knew I was supposed to be filming this for the family but I froze up and couldn't move my hands. A few minutes of silence, Sueann's dad informed me couldnt take it any longer and was heading back to the road to join the others. He told me to take some photos and that I did.
It was very difficult for me to look at the small grave that had been dug to conceal Sueann. A rush of emotions ran through me the whole time we were there and leaving.
After the visit to the grave site, we had to prepare ourselves to see the two that are believed responsible for putting Sueann in such a horrible place. First Quinton walked into the court room, walking past all of us without acknowledging our presence. The gag order his court appointed attorney requested did not happen. Instead the judge informed all law enforcement officials and others to not discuss the case to the media. Next Quinton's father, Harold D. Ray entered the court room for his bond hearing. He has been charged for helping Quinton dispose of Sueann on August 26, 2005 and then assisting his son in parking her car in the Wal-mart parking lot in the hours thereafter. The judge granted him a $60,000 bond. Aside from the bond that was set, Harold Ray is not to have any contact with any of Sueann's family, and he must wear a GPS device to name a few of the bond stipulations.
We were not happy that he was given a bond but the judge imposed what is within the law in Georgia.
We will be saying goodbye to Sueann next Friday, March 3rd. This will be a difficult day for sure. We can only find peace in knowing that Sueann's whereabouts were revealed as the bible verse Matthew 10:26 stated. Now, we will trust in God that those who did this to her will be punished accordingly.

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