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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sueann Ray Has Been FOUND

Today started off as a normal day. I was working when my work phone rang. It was Sueann's dad, Danny Jenkins calling as he does many days. Today the tone of his voice was different when I answered. After he asked me what I was doing, he then said "well, it's over". He was referring to the search for Sueann Ray, his daughter who has been missing since Friday, August 26, 2005. At the time Danny Jenkins called the first time, all we knew was that Quinton Ray had been arrested for murder. We were unaware that Sueann's body had been found as dawn approached this morning in Cherokee Couny, just miles from where she vanished. That news came within 15 minutes.
Cold as ice from the news, I could not believe Sueann was found. I always felt as if she would be found, but I didn't expect it to be this soon. Just last week we learned that Sueann's brother-in-law, Shannon Ray had been arrested for a probation violation. I felt in the back of my mind that his arrest was part of a larger plan with the police but I had nothing to back up those thoughts. It was left at that. There have been so many ups and downs to this case since it began, we have all learned to not get our hopes up. (pictured below - GBI agents working the area where Sueann Ray was buried)
Tomorrow a custody hearing was scheduled for Sueann's six year old daughter in Cherokee County. A hearing that I believe will be canceled due to the new developments in Sueann's case. It has been a roller coaster of emotions today with callers showing concern and sympathy.

The last 164 days have been difficult for Sueann's dad and her aunt Sarah Teague, mother of missing Heather Teague. I've become very close to this family since Sueann vanished, as well as many of those working on the case. It's unthinkable that two relatives could vanish from the same family on the same date. We often talk two or three times a day but today, it was hard to find the right words for what we've planned we would do when that word came.

Some news reports have come out claiming that these two women who came to GA last weekend are what led authorities to Sueann's body, but that is NOT true. It was a GBI informant who Quinton Ray confided in about what he did with Sueann after that late August night.

Today with Sueann being found, and the latest developments in the Janet March disappearance case, it has given me renewed hope that the one who inspired us to help others can be found as well (that being Carrie Culberson).

Janet March vanished on August 16, 1996 when her husband claimed she packed her bags and left for a vacation, leaving behind her family. Nearly 10 years later, Perry March has FINALLY been charged with Janet's murder. In a plea deal, Perry's own father, Auther March claimed that he helped his son dispose of Janet March. Although there are some holes in his story, I believe some of what he said is true.
Authorities have been searching for Janet, but I dont know if they've found her yet. With all of these crimes, there is always someone who knows, and often someone who talks. These people do not understand the hell these families go through waiting for answers for somebody they love to be located.

We are waiting results of the autopsy from GBI headquarters to find out how Sueann Ray died. Once they release Sueann, we will begin the process of having her memorial. She's not out there anymore lieing in the cold dark woods. She's now home and those who hurt her are going to be held accountable for their actions. A special thanks to Georgia Bureau of Investigation for all their efforts and hard work on Sueann's case. There were so many parts of this case that they could not divulge, but knew what to do in order get her back.

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