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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Psychics Join Search for 2 Missing GA Women

The last few days have been difficult and basically an emotional roller coaster for and the families of Sueann Ray and Leslie Adams. Two psychic detectives were in Georgia over this weekend assisting police in a search for Sueann and Leslie.
I have never seen a psychic yet that has helped located one of the missing, and I was not feeling positive about these two. As the weekend progressed, there were some findings but nothing that led us directly to Sueann and Leslie. I did not expect this to happen, and I often wonder if we would’ve felt much better if we had just left well enough alone.
The thing about these missing person cases is the uncertainty. The constant wondering and lull that occurs from day to day is something that can often wear thin on your nerves.

The two ladies from Arkansas who came to offer their assistance for Leslie and Sueann did not charge for their services. They came down here on their own. They claim that these two are communicating with them from beyond. That seems a little far fetched but could it be really happening? I doubt it but I always try to remain positive.
At the present time, we are taking the information that was given to the police and ourselves into account and hoping that it turns up some clue of Sueann or Leslie. At the same time, I remain on the skeptical side and I doubt I will change my view until someone proves me different.
I just hope that everybody will remember these two and continue to keep them close in their prayers. Somewhere out there, there is someone who holds the key to these mysteries.

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