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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Husband of Murder Victim Appears in Court

Today in a Pickens County courtroom, Quinton Ray appeared before the judge to face charges. Those charges were that he murdered his wife, Sueann Ray last August 26, 2005. The appearance was delayed from the scheduled 9:30 a.m. because of bad weather. He seemed to be a lot more low key than the last few times we've seen him. I think he realizes now that he's in a lot of trouble.
Most of us have not had a good day today. The reality of finding Sueann although we knew she was gone is hard. We dont understand why the fear of losing Sueann was necessary to murder her and then haul her away like that.
I've met Quinton Ray on at least three occasions and his demeanor was a man who had some obvious issues. I have to wonder today as he answered to the charges with his head down, did he finally understand what he had done to Sueann? Did he finally realize what his child is dealing with now knowing that her mother will never return home, and that her father killed her? I just dont know.
Quinton Ray remains in custody tonight in a Pickens County jail. He will be having another court appearance on Feb. 22nd of this month. At that time, he will be formally indicted for Sueann's murder. We are still not sure if more charges will follow for others in his family believed to have assisted with the disposal of Sueann. (pictured below: Danny Jenkins holding Sueann's photo)

Many people have referred to Sueann's case as very similar to that of Carrie Culberson. A young woman with a life ahead of her, seeing a man who became out of control with rage and jealousy until it spiraled out of control. Then the mistake that would forever change his life when he chose to call for help to help hide what went wrong. The truth that comes to the surface and the pain that is left behind for those who loved the women murdered. Probably a secret that replays over and over again inside his mind at times when he's alone.

We will never be able to get Sueann back. We will only have her memory. It will be very hard for me to walk into the room where Sueann's remains will be. Strange for me to be there with the one we looked so hard to find but never knew on a personal level. I will say goodbye to the person that my family only knew from photos and talks we've had with her family as we searched.
As this chapter begins to close on yet another one, I remember all the others that we continue to wait for that call that could come in any day that says they are home. As I've said many times before. You can prepare for that moment for months and years, but when it comes, it's very difficult.
For more in depth information about Sueann's case and it's developments, please visit her website. At times, it's updated every 30 minutes when necessary.

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