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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Gil Alba Uses Culberson Case to Educate Others

Many people remember Gil Alba from the Dateline presentation that came out a while back regarding the disappearances of Anna Scivetti and Kristine Kupka. At the end of the Dateline presentation, Gil Alba was shown teaching one of his classes and he used the Carrie Culberson case to show his students that a conviction can be found without a body. Gil Alba also heads a high profile private investigation service called Alba Investigations. He has been on many shows, including CNN, Dateline and Court TV.
Gil and I have recently been talking back and forth via email about various cases that have been successful in court when the body was not present. He thinks it is very important to find these cases to use as examples for those who do not believe that these cases exist.
I sent Cue Center an email today to let them know that Gil does classes and speeches. He has since been added to the list to attend the Missing Person Round Table Conference @ the end of March. This is something that I am surely looking forward to.
If possible, please tune into Dateline MSNBC for a reair of the show featuring Alba Investigations, and the missing ladies. The show will be airing Saturday, February 25, 2006,8:00 pm, later at 1:00 am, and Sunday at 2:00 am

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