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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Brianna Maitland Sighting?

Just last week someone claims that they saw Brianna Maitland in a New Jersey casino. Brianna has been missing since March of 2004 under very mysterious circumstances.
She disappeared after a night working at the Black Lantern Inn. Her car was found the next day, crashed at an abandoned barn. Several searches turned up no trace of Brianna. The sighting has brought renewed hope to her family that she's possibly alive and well. The person who claimed to have seen Brianna in the casino recognized her from fliers posted in several areas. The police are taking a close look at the photographs to determine if it was indeed Brianna.

Brianna's family say that they are unable to tell for sure if that is indeed Brianna in the photo but there is obviously a very strong resemblence. They go on to say that they've learned over the past two years to not get their hopes up to high because at times they've been shot down again. On March 19th, Brianna will be missing for two years. If that was her on the tapes, this could be the much needed break in her disappearance mystery.

I am hoping that it was indeed Brianna and that somehow this case can come to some short of good end. I have not written in the last week much on this blog because my group has been taking a break and also preparing for the Cue Center Missing Person Conference that will be held towards the end of this month. I am looking forwad to this meeting because not only will we get to see several very special people, we will be getting more training.

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