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Friday, March 03, 2006

Saying Goodbye to Sueann Ray

Preparations to say goodbye to Sueann began yesterday at the Huey Funeral Home. I gave out the 30 photo memory books we created for Sueann's family and friends and visited with Sarah Teague and all of my other dear friends in that family close to Sueann. I did not want to send a pot of flowers that would die. I wanted something that would last. We put together an album that included 9 photos and various poems inside.
Nothing could prepare us for the actual funeral today. As soon as my family and I drove towards the funeral home, I felt a large lump in the back of my throat. It was so difficult.
Sueann's funeral was beautiful today. Looking over my shoulder during the service, I saw two very precious young people who made the 200 plus mile drive from Ocilla Georgia to join us @ Sueann's service. They were from the Find Tara group. We have gone to search for Tara on two occasions and I suppose they were returning the kindness by coming today. Sueann's family were glad they came.
After Sueann's service, we all gathered @ the relatives house. We could laugh at times but then I still felt that wave of sadness. It was so good to get to visit with my dear friends. My relationship with Sueann's relatives has grown to being family like. It's hard to explain. We all talk on a daily basis and they know my family as well. Just a wonderful group of people that have suffered a great loss.

As the day ended, Sueann's dad (Danny Jenkins) asked me to please drive with him to the Canton Wal-mart where Sueann's van was found a few days after she vanished. He wanted me to photograph the wreath he was going to place beside her cross. Although it's now known that Sueann was never back in that area where the van was found, many people still visit that place to leave items for her. We have kept it in place for the time being. I dont know at this time if we would be allowed to put the cross where her body was found. That is considered private property as far as I know.
I know that we have a long road ahead of us with the possible trials. I know that with God's help we will see this through. Visit the page on Sueann's website to see the booklet that Sueann's family requested that we created for Sueann. Many hours went into that booklet and her photo albums. They had to be just right for Sueann. We also will be adding more photos from her funeral as soon as her dad is able to email the ones on his camera. Always remember Sueann and dont forget her and others like her. Every day too many young women are murdered by someone they love.

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