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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Short Term Supporters On High Profile Missing Person Cases

This is a topic I've been wanting to talk about for a while now, but I've held off to make sure when I wrote this that it would be inflammatory or rude. I wonder how many of you reading this blog have noticed the swarm of people who are hard-core in the ongoing searches for people like Laci Peterson, Dru Sjodin and Natalee Holloway for example? Ooodles of websites, chat forums and other things that support these missing people. These individuals have jumped right in the middle of a serious matter that they probably do not fully understand, and probably cannot hang out for the long hall. This really bothers me.
One that comes to my mind is one particular website that was set up for Dru Sjodin which focused on Dru and all the parts of her life. One day I return and the site is virtually vacant and there is no activity. This is ridiculous.
We do not become overnight supporters for something this serious and then drop it once the media hype passes. In my mind, I would rather not have any supporters than to have somebody be all gung ho and then abandon the person who is a victim. I dont know why but this irks me to no end. I suppose I expect everyone to take the same approach as mine, which is full speed ahead and not flaking out once it slows down.
I appreciate the fact that people are interested, but dont get online and set up profiles, sites, and chat forums if you are not intending to sticking with this. I've seen so many people come forward and say "this is it, I'm doing this" and then two weeks later you cant find them. In this area of life, you need people who can take the heat and will be there through thick and thin.
I wish we could stop these people who are exploiting these victims by setting up what I call overnight fan clubs with no backbone. We do not need a fan club, we need real advocates who care.


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