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Monday, April 03, 2006

What Does Marcus Harper Know?

Every since Tara Grinstead became missing and our family got involved with the searches and talked with others working the case, something has always bothered me. Whoever abducted Tara that night was someone who felt comfortable with that area, and if they were seen in or around that house, it would not appear "odd".
I'm having some trouble with the fact that Tara's ex-boyfriend, Marcus Harper has been showing no concern over her disappearance. Going as far as to be seen with officers on the police force, high fiving them once access was denied to property that was needing to be searched earlier in March. Why is that?

His attitude and facial expressions remind me all too much of Sueann Ray's now accused killer. Search after search, has turned up nothing and I think I know why. The one area that might lead authorities to Tara, has been denied! Again, why? If there is nothing to hide, then why can't it be searched. Furthermore, why can't macho man Marcus assist them in the searches?

There's also been some threats made against a man I consider a friend, Dr. Maurice Godwin who has been in Ocilla to help find Tara. The week he was in Ocilla, he received a death threat from an unknown caller. How funny is going to be when he uncovered the missing link that finds Tara and put those responsible in jail.
When does it become ok to get angry at someone and decide to abduct them and possibly murder them? When does it become ok to allow a criminal to walk free on the streets who is more than likely involved? I think Marcus Harper knows where Tara Grinstead is.
For some reason, although feelings of anger and sadness filled my mind last week when we sat in court with the man we believe murdered Sueann, who vanished similar to Tara. Somehow it gives me some sort of satisfaction to see him have to walk into that court room with his hands and feet shackled. It'll be the same feeling for me when they finally arrest this arrogant a - hole Marcus Harper. I also have full faith in our GBI now that I've learned the extent of their undercover investigation into Sueann's disappearance. They are involved with Tara's and I'm sure she'll be found soon.
I've had Tara on my mind today since receiving an email from her sister early this morning. Anita, we will find her! We are not giving up.

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