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Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Teresa Halbach Murder Mystery

On Halloween night of 2005, Teresa Halbach disappeared. Three days later, after no contact with Teresa, her family reported her missing. It is known that earlier that day she was out taking photographs for her part time job, Autotrader. One of the places she visited that particular day was the auto salvage yard belonging to Steven Avery.
Avery had served some time in prison for a rape that later DNA exhonerated him for. He had been out of jail for two years when his path crossed with Teresa Halbach.
As the massive searches would later begin for the missing photographer, suspicion would start to fall on Steven Avery once Teresa's car was found on his property. Avery claimed that the police were out to get him because they believed he did commit the brutal rape many years earlier and because he'd filed a civil suit against the DA's office for wrongful imprisonment. It would be just a few days until the once proven innocent man was arrested again, but this time for a more sinister crime.

In a closer look on Avery's property authorities would find a burn pit where it appeared there was bone fragments of a young woman. Later analysis would prove that those bones were indeed those of Teresa Halbach, but that was not all. It was apparent that Teresa had suffered a brutal attack.
Months later authorities released in a press conference that there was another person involved in the murder of Teresa. Shockingly it was a 16 year old nephew of Steven Avery. The boy claimed that Avery brought him into his house to where he had Teresa's hands and feet shackled. He instructed him to sexually assault Teresa. After the assault, the young man claimed Avery told him "good job". Begging for her life, Steven Avery walked over with a butcher knife and stabbed Teresa in the stomach. Still not dead from the stab wound, Avery instructed his nephew to cut Theresa's throat. Teresa was still alive when she was then transported to the garage where she was shot several more times when she finally died.
Avery claims he is innocent of all charges that have been filed against him, although his blood was found in Teresa's car, her blood in his house, her keys, and some other items.
With this new disgusting information against Avery, many are beginning to wonder if he was indeed the right man who committed the rape years earlier. One would think that if they'd been released from prison that the last thing they'd want to do is commit a henious crime that might send them back to the personal hell they just emerged from.
The trial is pending against Steven Avery. One thing that bothers me a lot about this, is the fact that there is no death penalty in the State of Wisconsin. Maybe it's time for some laws to be changed?

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