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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Scott Peterson's Family Offers Reward for Real Killer of Laci

As everyone will recall, a very pregnant Laci Peterson vanished on Christmas Eve of 2002. The media was allover her case and shortly after her disappearance, eyes began to turn towards her loving husband, Scott. His concerns over his wife's disappearance seemed to be non-existant. Still at the time, that was not enough to make an arrest, and Laci was only "MISSING". As I've stated previously, I thought Peterson may just be an arrogant a-hole in the initial phases of Laci's disappearance but later, I had no doubt he murdered her.
The shadow of doubt fell hard when Amber Frey came forward and claimed she'd been seeing Peterson and he told he'd lost his wife and child even before Laci became missing. What was even more evident was when the wire tap tapes rolled in court. There's no need for me to repeat the whole case in this blog, because most of you are all too familar with Laci's senseless murder and her unforgettable smile.

Which brings me to today's blog entry topic. What on God's green earth is Jackie and Lee Peterson thinking putting up a new reward for Laci's real killer? Laci's killer is behind bars unless you are one of the 10 fan club women who support Scott because you consider him too "nice looking" to commit a murder. The fact here is that no parent wants to believe their child is capable of a heinous crime. Especially when they've raised the child in a loving home. Our parents always think we are wonderful, no matter what. That's why they are called "parents".
Although some people will argue that Peterson's case was based on "circumstantial" evidence, I share in the same theory as the jury that Peterson planned to kill Laci and that plan may have been in the back of his mind for quite some time before he carried out the act. I don't necessarily think that Amber Frey is the reason he murdered Laci. I think the need to be single and to have no responsibilities as a father is what drove him.

Peterson has been sitting on death row now for a year. I'd imagine he wants out of that place pretty bad. The one thing that he probably will never realize is that he's there for murdering his wife and unborn child, and that there's no place for people like that in regular society. Peterson is one of several men who have murdered their spouse. He's also been classified as a sociopath. That means that the understanding you and I have of his actions are not the same to him. He believes he did nothing wrong. I have another word for him, but children may be reading this blog.
As for his parents, I'm sorry that they are having to be put through this because of their son's actions, however they need to wake up and smell the coffee. There will never be a brown van with robbers pull up and be the one who murdered Laci and dumped her body in the bay. It'll be the man you see to your top left who went out on the bay with those weights and came back home later on Christmas Eve.
We are all entitled to one good joke per day. I suppose this is the one for today?

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