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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Vigil For Missing Dad - April 8, 2006

Tonight we had the vigil for Gene Stewart, who has been missing since Feb. 4, 2004. The vigil was held at a small church in Northeast Georgia. Cars filled with blue balloons (Gene's favorite color) were tagged with mini laminated fliers that later floated into the beautiful sky in hopes they'd fall where someone could help solve this two year mystery.
Gene's birthday is on Monday and we thought it was only appropriate to have a vigil for him being that he's never had one since his disappearance to remember him. His family continues to seek answers and some sort of closure.

There has been little effort to help locate Gene since he vanished from local authorities, leaving his family very frustrated and helpless. Since my group began working on his case in early Jan., a special K9 unit (K9-Sars) which includes a great lady Trace Sargent has come to Northeast Georgia to do conduct ground searches in hopes of finding some trace of Gene. Nothing has turned up so far.

We have decided that we are going to be clearing some areas in two weeks that we feel might be areas of interest. We are hoping that community will join us as we lead the search for the missing dad. As we move closer to the scheduled search, I will post that information online so that the Georgia residents who work with us on a regular basis can participate if they like. As many days pass without answers, we must find more ways to circulate Gene's case. Somehow some answers have to be found. Please take a moment to view the photos from the vigil that have been up on his site this afternoon. We won't stop looking until we find him.

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