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Monday, April 10, 2006

Vote for Wes Neville To Win America's Most Wanted All-Star Award

On Friday, there was information about Todd Matthews and his work with the DoeNetwork and Project Edan. Todd Matthews is not the only person who devotes his time and efforts to helping locate these lost loved ones. While there are many, there is another person that must be recognized for his hard work and determination to help find those missing. His name is Wes Neville (The Forensic Artist).

Wes Neville is the artist behind many of the age progressed photos, as well as the facial reconstruction shown on Project Edan.
Employed as a forensic artist with the Florence County Sheriff in South Carolina, he takes his gift outside of work to help others who seek answers for lost loved ones.
Having met several other artists, it seems that Neville's work is the most personal and heartfelt. It is not just a job he does everyday.

Cue Center for the Missing gave many of us the privilege to be in a class taught by Wes Neville in late March of 2006. So many people came out of his class talking about how amazed they were of his abilities and his need to help those who desperately need answers.

Wes has been nominated for the America's Most Wanted All-Star Award, and all of us here believe he deserves this award more than anyone. Often times, those who do the most work to help find these missing people are not given the recognition that is due. I think that every person who reads this blog entry should follow the link below and vote for him. You have until April 21st to vote. Let's help America learn what we've known all along. That Wes Neville goes above and beyond to make a difference for the lost. He will be the winner to all of us regardless. We need to clone him to all police departments :)

Vote for Wes HERE

For More Info About Wes Neville:

The Forensic Artist


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