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Monday, April 17, 2006

Preparations for National Crime Victims' Rights Week

Next week kicks off a very important week for my group because it is National Crime Victims' Rights Week. It runs from April 23 - April 29th. For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to a violent crime, or you are a advocate, this week has a lot of meaning.
All across the United States there will be vigils, balloon releases, and other events to remember the victims. Since we lost Sueann last August, my advocacy for victims' rights have increased locally. I feel like we need to start local and branch out to begin making a difference.

We are scheduled to attend the ceremony in North East Georgia that includes all the Northeast Georgia District Attorney's Offices, as well as families of those lost. There are too many loved ones being taken away due to unnecessary violence. Although they are no longer living, their memory never dies. I am honored to be attending this ceremony.

In the last year, I have tried to branch further out from only assisting the missing, but to work with the murder victims as well. Our group has tried to focus from the beginning to bring more awareness to those who are eventually found and have been victimized. Often the media has moved onto the next disappearance mystery, when the victim's family is still left to suffer the loss.

We wish to leave no person forgotten, missing or murdered. Each individual is important, no matter the circumstance of their case. I invite you to become more aware of services for those who have fallen victim to a violent crime. Your voice counts! If you wish to become more involved with this ongoing epidemic, there is one specific organization that I recommend to anyone - Parents of Murdered Children. They have a National Conference coming up in August. There's something for all advocates, families, and law enforcement to learn there. Please review the link below for more information.

In support of all those missing and murdered people.

Horizontal banner for National Crime Victims' Rights Week April 23-29, 2006, showing this year’s theme: Victims’ Rights Strength in Unity, illustrated by an image of tight group of hands holding candles toward the center to form a single, strong flame. Sponsored by OVC.

Parents of Murdered Children


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