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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Revisiting the Excavation for Carrie (2 Years Later)

It was two years ago today that Carrie's memorial was to be unveiled in Blanchester, Ohio, but was delayed. Police had received a tip that Carrie's body was located underneath a pole barn and a two week excavation began. Four cadavaer dogs alerted that human remains were there. We waited patiently hoping that Carrie was about to be found. At the time, Carrie had been missing nearly eight (8) years. This was the most valid tip in a good long while. During the excavation, there were several positive things that made us believe that tomorrow it would all be over, but it wasn't.

The search ended nearly two weeks later and at 14 feet beneath the barn, a t-shirt and sock belonging to Carrie was found, along with some garbage bags. It was very strange that someone would bury these items at that level and not just burn them. Still with these items being found, Carrie's body was not recovered.

Having to go back home empty handed, Carrie's family continued to wonder, had Carrie been at that location at one time. Furthermore, where could she be now? Although we know Carrie is deceased, we know that somewhere there has to be a trace of her. It was more than anyone could deal with.

Looking back on that emotional roller coaster of two weeks, I have come to several conclusions. The first one is that the tip was called in by someone that communicates with Vincent Doan. We know that from the reports. This person obviously wanted to stop Debra Culberson from having a memorial for Carrie because it was another reminder to the Baker family and those who believe they are involved in Carrie's murder that nobody is willing to give up on this. It's basically another constant reminder of what they wish would go away.

Secondly, because of the information in the unsealed warrant, we know that Doan obviously had some knowledge regarding the events surrouding Carrie's disappearance, otherwise this person would not have given information that led to what little we found. I feel like it was just enough to send those searching for Carrie down another roller coaster of emotions, without giving her back, and to let us know, yes we have the upper hand on you all.

We will never fully understand why we are not allowed to have Carrie's body back for a proper burial. We still have many unanswered questions as to why those who are responsible cannot have a friend call in a tip that will lead us to her and this all can end. We've overcome several obstacles in trying to find Carrie, and we've never once thought about stopping our search.

Carrie's family has been luckier than some families in that they were able to find justice for those who murdered Carrie. Some families are never given back the body or given justice. Some feel we should be satisified and let it go at that, but we cannot. Carrie's body has to be found, plain and simple.

I have been ridiculed by some people for being obcessed with finding Carrie. The last four years of my life have been surrounded with thoughts and theories for what happened to Carrie and how to find her for her family. A lot of people thought I'd burn out by now and that I need to get a life for searching for a missing girl. Those who really know me, know that I'm serious as a heartattack about finding her. Some people even ask me, "what are you going to do once she is found?" I will continue to help other missing and murdered people because that is what is important to me. Carrie is the reason for every bit of my work. I made a promise to her and her family that I would not give up and I won't.

My memory goes back to the anxiousness I felt two years ago when I thought there was a chance she was finally coming home. I think that whoever continues to do this to her family is cruel and sick. Postponing Carrie's memorial was all that happened and made her mom sad when she had to spend two weeks out there near that barn. It has never stopped Debra Culberson from searching and telling others about Carrie. We never know when that day will be our day to bring Carrie home. We will just wait until it's our turn.

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