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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Second Suspect in Hamlin Case Found NOT GUILTY

Friday, in a Cherokee County Courthouse, a jury found Jonathan Elkins NOT GUILTY for his alleged role in the rape and murder of 15 year old Katie Hamlin.

In July of 2002, Katie Hamlin's badly burned body was found as a passerby saw a fire burning near a creek bed. Later tests would prove that Hamlin had been sexually assaulted and then set on fire to cover up the crime.
There were two young men arrested in connection with her murder, one of those being Jonathan Elkins. Just last December, a jury found Jamerson Mangrum GUILTY of rape, murder, and attempting to cover up a crime. Mangrum told fellow inmates that Katie died while trying to break free from being held down. He claimed that Jonathan Elkins was there and that he helped him. The most damning evidence against Mangrum was the DNA found on Katie's body connecting him to her.
The jury felt as if Jonathan was not involved in the murder. I have to wonder how they determined he was not there when it was apparent that Katie had been held down by someone as Mangrum assaulted her that night. Even if Elkins did not have sex with Katie Hamlin, isn't he guilty of something?

Wouldn't be wrong to stand there and watch a crime being committed and not tell police? There was someone else there that night, and I think they've been let go to never have to answer for this crime.
While Katie's family may never know the full story of what happened that night to their 15 year old daughter, I guess they can find some comfort in knowing that main culprit is behind bars.
You may read the past blog entry from late December regarding the Mangrum trial by clicking HERE.


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