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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Trail Gone Cold - The Abduction of Vanessa Dawn Smith

Late afternoon on May 31, 1997, 15 year old Vanessa Dawn Smith sat out for a nightly walk in her neighborhood in Winton, California. It was a walk that Vanessa took almost nightly, however on this night, something went wrong.

Once Vanessa was discovered "missing" shortly thereafter and about 200 yards from her residence, Vanessa's walking cane was found. It was clear, Vanessa had been abducted. Who would do something like this and where could they have taken Vanessa?

That is a question that is still being asked nine years later. Vanessa's case is one that you probably have not seen on many shows, although it's as serious as any.
Authorities in an interview with the Merced Sun Star, report that they are still actively investigating Vanessa's case, but do not believe an arrest is near. They claim that probably IF someone had information on the case, that they might be afraid to come forward because they might be targeted for violence. Where does this leave the family seeking information on their child's case?

This case is one that sparked my interest when I learned of it about three years ago when helping with the Kristin Smart case. It's just unheard of that this case is not receiving more air time. This is something I wish I could change if I were in a position to do so. I want all these children and adults to be shown the public because somewhere someone has some information to help. It is a proven fact that the public watches and has an interest in missing person cases. If we could somehow find a way to give each person who is missing a chance to be broadcasted at LEAST three times a year, it might break the case.

If you have ANY information regarding the case of Vanessa Dawn Smith, please call Merced County Sheriff's Department at 209 385-7616. You may also log onto their website and leave an anonymous tip @ Please review Vanessa's spot on the web if you have some extra time. Remember Vanessa, as she's missing today for nine long years.

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