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Monday, May 22, 2006

When Negativity Surrounds Missing Person Cases

Since October 22, 2005, there have been some wild speculations and accusations surrounding the disappearance of former beauty queen and high school teacher, Tara Grinstead. Messages boards were lighting up like Christmas trees with people wanting to discuss the case. Everyone had one question, "Where is Tara?"
As with many message boards and websites, some of the information has become incorrect and down right ugly towards Tara's family and especially those who have been working on the case. What's so interesting is how people will attempt to pick apart the case by only the facts and information that has been posted with online articles or maybe snippets they've seen on TV. When we everyone learn that not all evidence is given to the media and often times the information is added to or taken away from in order to spin a headline?

Several individuals on some message forums have slammed the efforts of Dr. Maurice Godwin who has been working on the Grinstead case for several weeks now. After reading some of the posts, I can see clearly that these people making these accusations really do not have all the facts of the case, nor have the ever worked on a missing person case. Not to say that I am a qualified person, but judging from the posts, there is a lot these people do not know and are speculating about are WRONG.

Aside from the posts about Godwin, there are posts about Tara's relatives and how they are only on TV to make themselves look good. That's ridiculous too and I know this because I know from my own experiences with one of the family members that this is not the case. They've been put in a position that is not only very uncomfortable but one they are not familiar with.
Where do these people come from? I have an explanation. I wrote about these people in a previous blog entry. It's called short term supporters on high profile cases. The same as those who want to get in the middle of the current issue to get themselves noticed. There's no real understanding or knowledge of the case, just speculation and hopes of that 15 minutes of fame.

This is a very serious matter and it's not to be taken lighly. Words are hurtful, especially when they are incorrect. I offer this piece of advice to those who are posting away on these boards and really do not know every fact of the case. If you cannot say something nice, just don't say anything at all. Thank God you are not being dealt the same cards as the family of Tara Grinstead has been lately. These types of topics and thoughts are best left for tabloid magazines. Maybe if everyone would stop reading that trash, then they'd simply fade away?

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