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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

S.L.E.D closing in on Bikini Strangler

(Please note that we've posted the criminal's photos before the victim in this blog entry because this man is currently on the run and authorities are asking for the public's help in capturing him).
Memorial Day weekend, college co-ed Tiffany Souers was found strangled to death in her apartment near the college campus of Clemson, South Carolina. She apparently had been strangled with her own bikini top. A few short days later, S.L.E.D. (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) released a series grainy photos of someone attempting to use an atm with their face and head covered (pictured left). The photos as they were released on FOX News were just plain spooky to look at. This attempt may have been what really set the wheels in motion to solve Tiffany's case. Once the bank machine recognized the incorrect code being typed into the system, it took the ATM card and then the police were notified. Shortly after that, Tiffany's drivers license was found alongside a roadway in Anderson, SC.

Late June 6th, S.L.E.D. held a press conference to announce that they have matched DNA from a past sex offender from the State of Tennessee by the name of Jerry Buck Inman. A warrant for the following has just been issued: murder, criminal sexual conduct in the first degree and kidnapping involving the death of Tiffany Marie Souers.

I will honestly say that I've been watching this case from behind the side lines because of the fact I have never had very good experiences with the State of South Carolina. After doing some research of S.L.E.D, I've come to realize that maybe their State Police is one of the best agencies in the South East.

At this time, Jerry Buck Inman is still on the loose. An APB (All Points Bulletin)has been sent to ALL law enforcement agencies throughout the United States to be on the lookout for Inman. I feel like it's only a matter of hours before this man is captured. Seems as if justice is on the horizon for Tiffany Souers.

It appears now that S.L.E.D., along with TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are now working very close to help capture this man. Hopefully by the time this blog is posted, he will be in custody. More updates to be posted shortly.

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Warrants issued in Clemson student murder

Warrants have been issued in the murder of a Clemson University engineering student.
Thirteenth Circuit Solicitor Robert Ariail said at a news conference this evening that warrants have been issued for a Jerry "Buck" Inman of Tennessee for murder, criminal sexual conduct in the first degree and kidnapping involving the death of Tiffany Marie Souers.
Souers' body was found May 26 in her Central apartment. She had been strangled by her bikini top.
Inman, described as a construction worker, became a suspect after DNA samples from the crime scene were submitted to a national database and returned his name from two states, S.C. State Law Enforcement Division chief Robert Stewart said at the news conference.
Inman is registered as a sex offender named James Inman in Blount County, Tenn. The so-called "cold hit" matches -- DNA matches that bring an entirely new suspect to light -- were confirmed this afternoon, Ariail said.
Inman might be driving a green Chevrolet Camaro or an Econoline van, Ariail said. He also could be driving a Chevy Blazer. He is heavily tattooed and considered extremely dangerous.
Law enforcement agencies nationwide have been put on alert about Inman, whom South Carolina investigators do not believe has remained in the Central area, Stewart said.

If you have ANY information on the whereabouts of Jerry "Buck" Inman, you are asked to call 1-800-442-2746 and press 2


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