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Friday, June 09, 2006

The bikini strangler is a repeat sex offender

Jerry "Buck" Inman was captured in Tennessee near his mommy's house shortly after a warrant was issued for his arrest just days ago. Inman had gone back to where he should've been all along when police took him down. Shortly after his arrest, reports started coming out that he has spent time in prison for kidnapping and rape. Inman is also a registered sex offender in at least two states.

Inman was employed in Tennessee as a construction worker when he abandoned his job and subsequently was fired. It appears that he just got into his car and wandered around like a lost dog until he found a woman somewhere that he decided to assault. He is now said to have attacked three women within a five day time span, killing at least one of them - Tiffany Souers.

I have a huge problem with this story. This man is a clear threat to society. Yes he was registered in a few states, but what stopped him from traveling to another area under the radar, putting others in danger? People, this is why we need electronic monitoring of these people. Obviously after the time he spent in jail, he was NOT cured of his perverted tendencies.

After some questioning, Jerry Inman told authorities that he did indeed kill Tiffany Souers and that he he'd seen her and decided to wait for her to go to bed before he made his move. He says he's a "sick animal". This is yet another example of a preventable crime.

I wonder how many more innocent people will lose their lives because our government is afraid to violate these criminal's rights? This is a complete outrage! Let's think of what will happen to this jerk now.

He will sit in jail for about two years before a trial date can be set, fed great food, able to watch TV all day. He might possibly be given the death penalty and from there it'll take another 20 years to put him down. He'll be living and breathing, and wasting air and resources. It's disgusting, but this is NOT the only one left. There are thousands of them out there roaming the streets right now. Tiffany Souers will not be the last innocent person who dies because these people are not in lock up. It is time for us to start to take these things more serious and make sure that these people stay out of society.


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