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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Missing Groom Mystery - One Year Later

It was one year ago today that George Smith IV fell overboard a cruise liner and was never seen nor heard from again. He was just a few days into his honeymoon. It was supposed to be a wonderful and happy time, but it ended up being far from what.
It's now a year later, and there seems to be more and more unanswered questions than the week following this tradegy.

Shortly after Smith's disappearance, the media began to speculate that his wife Jennifer may know more than she was revealing to authorities and to George's family. She'd obviously been traumatized by what happened on aboard the ship, but then came the interview on Oprah that raised even more eyebrows. While nobody believed Jennifer Hagel-Smith planned George's death, they believed there was obviously something she was just wasn't telling, and furthermore, why was Hagel-Smith estranged from the Smith family from early on in the investigation?

Late last week news reports were circulating that Jennifer Hagel-Smith had reportly settled with the cruise liner for an undisclosed amount of money regarding the disappearance of her husband, George. Hours later, in an interview on Nancy Grace, George's family fired back saying that they'd never been made aware of any settlement and were not settling with anyone and were not stopping until they found out what happened to George that fateful night. It all now seems as if George's wife is saddened by what happened, but now wants to cash in on the benefits of this mishap.
I have always wondered how anyone could be so intoxicated that they could not remember a single thing from the night before but yet pick themself up and head to the massage parlor the next morning, never noticing that their husband was MISSING? I also wondered if maybe there was maybe something that happened that was very embarassing that perhaps maybe should not be made known, and if it were made known it might possibly uncover what reallly happened to George Smith that night? Or is it another part of selfishness and the thought of what's done is done so I'll live with my mistake and this too shall pass? These are things that some of us may never know the answer to.

One has to wonder why she'd set up several things that take up funds and even a website that is in honor of her "beloved" husband but the title is "Hagel-Smith". I believe his name was George Smith and he is missing. I am beginning to wonder where the priorities of this person are right about now, and I think maybe the comments made by George's family on Nancy Grace were probably right on target about George's "beloved" wife.

I do hope justice is found George Smith because in my heart of hearts I doubt his body will ever be recovered for burial.


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